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Step into a world of enchanting fabric and let your design aspirations come to life. Our incredible fabric collection is a symphony of elegance, offering a lavish array of interior and textile fabrics that redefine luxury. Immerse yourself in the allure of polyester fabric that exudes sophistication, velvet fabric that offers opulence or browse a range of plain, textured, and printed designs, each crafted to the highest standards of quality. With our fabric by the metre, you have the freedom to create and customise to your heart's content. Shop today and let your interior projects unfold with unrivalled elegance.

Whether you envision a chic makeover or a grand transformation, our collection of luxury interior fabrics provides endless possibilities. From sleek plain fabrics to textured wonders and bold statement pieces, our carefully curated selection ensures that your design dreams flourish. Discover the perfect curtain fabric to drape at your windows or find a statement design to craft your next set of cushions. Whatever your next interior project, our designer fabrics let you turn your space into a reflection of your unique style and personality.



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Fabric at Voyage Maison

Embark on a journey through elegance with our premium fabric collection, where quality and artistry combine. At Voyage Maison, we offer an exquisite range of plain and textured, and printed fabric by the metre. Our commitment to luxury is evident in our selection of materials, using only the highest quality fabrics including sumptuous cottons, opulent velvets, and timeless linens. With a blend of polyester fabric and polycottons within our selection as well, we make it easy to elevate your interiors to new heights. 

Embrace the finest quality fabrics and complete your next project in style. Whether you seek to elevate your windows with luxurious curtains that drape in opulence or adorn your furniture with plush cushions, our interior fabrics are the perfect choice. Versatile in design and material, our fabrics are not just limited to interiors, you can also dive into textile projects and fashion bespoke clothing with our premium cotton poplins, whether it's a statement dress or a tailored ensemble. Let your imagination soar as you explore the endless possibilities our collection has to offer.

How to Choose Fabric

Selecting the perfect fabric is a key step in bringing your design vision to life. Consider the nature of your project – whether it be curtains, soft furnishings, or dressmaking – and opt for a fabric that complements its intended use. At Voyage Maison, our diverse collection caters to every need, from curtain fabric to dressmaking fabric and everything in-between. 

Once you’ve got the right material to suit your project, you can then choose a design that aligns with your interior style and colour palette, ensuring a seamless integration into your space. Delve into our comprehensive Fabric Buying Guide for expert advice on making the right selection and order your free fabric samples to ensure you’ve made the right choice!

How to Use Fabric

Our incredible selection of fabrics invites creativity and can be used in various projects, making them the ideal choice for an array of creative endeavours. Our embroidered fabrics and velvet fabrics work incredibly well as plush cushions and throws, bringing a touch of opulence to your living space, while our linens and cottons are perfect as curtain fabric, elevating your windows and bringing a fresh, sophisticated feel to your interior. For those with a passion for fashion, our cotton poplin fabrics seamlessly transition into dressmaking, allowing you to craft bespoke garments that reflect your unique style. Additionally, our fabric remnants open doors for craft enthusiasts, offering a sustainable, cost-effective option for smaller projects. Look at our guide to scrap fabric projects for more ideas on what to do with your fabrics, remnants, and cut-offs. 

How to Order Fabric by the Metre

Tailor your space with confidence, one metre at a time with our fabric selection at Voyage Maison. We offer you unparalleled flexibility with a wide range of fabrics by the metre, allowing you to buy precisely the amount you need for your next project. Our fabric by the metre not only simplifies the order process but minimises waste and provides you with a more personalised, sustainable approach to interior design. Begin your journey by browsing our extensive collection and ordering up to 10 free samples, allowing you to see and feel the quality of each fabric in the comfort of your home. Once satisfied with your selection, you can simply enter the number of metres you require on the product page, and we’ll do the rest! 

How to Clean Fabric

Preserve the beauty of your Voyage Maison fabrics by following our comprehensive cleaning guides. For general care, follow the instructions on the product label. You’ll find most of our fabrics are suitable for spot cleaning but can be dry cleaned if required. Our experts here at Voyage Maison have also provided more specific solutions on how to remove mould from fabric. When it comes to maintaining your curtains and blinds, you can delve into our specialised guide on cleaning fabric blinds and curtains

Transform your living spaces with elegance and style with our premium collection of luxury fabric at Voyage Maison. With a wide selection of interior and textile fabric to choose from, we can guarantee you’ll find what you’re looking for right here. Shop now to discover the seamless blend of quality, style, and endless possibilities that our fabric by the metre can bring to your home.