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Velvet Fabric

Indulge in the luxurious embrace of velvet with our exquisite collection of velvet fabrics at Voyage Maison. Elevate your interior game and transform any space into a haven of elegance and comfort with our stunning velvet fabric offerings. From classic plain velvet fabric to vibrant printed velvet fabric and sumptuous textures, our collection has it all. Dive into a world of endless possibilities as you explore our curated range of premium fabrics, meticulously crafted to bring your design visions to life.

At Voyage Maison, we're passionate about delivering exceptional quality and style. Our designer fabrics have been curated to offer a perfect blend of opulence and durability. Available in a range of plain and patterned designs, when you shop with us, you don't just get velvet fabric; you get a masterpiece that exudes sophistication. Unleash your creativity and reimagine your living space with our versatile velvet fabrics. Whether you're dreaming of a decadent sofa, plush cushions, or glamorous curtains, our collection has the perfect velvet fabric to make your vision a reality.

Velvet Fabric


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Velvet Fabric at Voyage Maison

Indulge in the opulent world of velvet fabric where luxury meets craftsmanship. Immerse yourself in a symphony of textures, as our collection boasts both plain and printed velvet fabrics, each carefully crafted to add a touch of sophistication to your living spaces. Our velvets are more than just fabrics; they are a statement of style and a testament to premium quality.

The plush feel of our velvets is unmatched, offering not just a fabric but an experience of indulgence and comfort. Whether you're drawn to the timeless allure of plain velvet or the artistic charm of our printed options, each piece reflects our dedication to providing you with a superior choice for next your home project. Explore a palette of rich hues and intricate patterns that effortlessly blend a country flair with a luxury aesthetic.

Plain Velvet Fabric

A hallmark of timeless elegance and luxurious simplicity, our plain velvet fabrics embody a refined aesthetic, providing a versatile foundation for sophisticated interiors. The lush texture and opulent sheen of these fabrics elevate any space, creating a sense of opulence.

Plain velvet can be used throughout the home, working beautifully drapes over chairs, sofas, and headboards, or creating plush accessories for an elegant feel. The soft and sumptuous texture of plain velvet fabric makes it a great choice for cushions and throws, enhancing the cosiness of your living spaces. Additionally, it works wonders for curtains and drapes, infusing a sense of opulence into your windows. This is thanks to its heavier weight and drape. Explore a spectrum of rich regal and muted tones that effortlessly blend with various design schemes, offering a canvas for personalised expression.

Printed Velvet Fabric

For those seeking a bolder statement, our printed velvet fabric and embossed options effortlessly merge artistry with opulence. Our curated selection showcases captivating patterns and designs, each telling a unique story. The perfect choice to infuse your space with a burst of personality, our printed velvets seamlessly marry style and substance. From nature-inspired florals to contemporary abstracts, our printed velvet fabrics redefine the boundaries of sophistication.

You’ll often find that patterned velvets are used to accentuate specific pieces of furniture, such as accent chairs, creating a standout feature in your space. They can also be employed in crafting eye-catching cushions, injecting a burst of colour and artistic flair into your seating arrangements, or adding drama to your windows in the form of curtains. Elevate your home with a touch of individuality, as these fabrics become the focal point of your interior. Dive into the world of printed velvet fabric, where every design is a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled.

Whether you're envisioning sumptuous throws, cushions, or drapes that exude sophistication, our velvet fabrics offer a timeless blend of comfort and style. Browse our Fabric Buying Guide for more insights or explore the nuances of velvet fabric, discover styling tips, and unlock the secrets to creating an ambience that exudes both comfort and class when you delve into our Velvet Styling Guide and let the journey into opulence begin.