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Purple Cushions

Introducing our purple cushion collection, where comfort meets style in captivating shades of rich berry and mauve. Crafted with meticulous detail, our purple cushions ensure the highest quality and a luxurious finish. Choose from an array of textures, styles, and sizes, including our sumptuous purple velvet cushions for a luxe look and our large purple cushions for a striking finish. Transform your living space and indulge in enchanting charm today when you shop this incredible collection of designer cushions.

Adorn your space with our light purple cushions, featuring florals and nature-inspired patterns or opt for a bold finish with moodier dark purple cushions and maximalist prints. With an extensive range of designs available, our collection of purple cushions caters to a huge variety of styles, whether you're looking for vibrancy, simplicity, or a statement finish. Choose the perfect texture, style, and size to suit your needs, and immerse yourself in the cosy ambience created by these deep berry tones.

Purple Cushions


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Purple Cushions at Voyage Maison

Immerse yourself in a world of luxury with our carefully curated range of purple cushions. Offering a wide selection of sizes, shades, and designs to elevate your home décor, you’ll find sophistication and comfort in every stitch. 

This collection of luxury cushions is a symphony of rich berry and lavender hues, from the subtle elegance of light purple cushions to the rich opulence of dark purple cushions. Whether you're seeking a touch of regality or a vibrant accent, we have the perfect shade to complement your style. Not only stylish, but each purple cushion in this collection is also meticulously designed here in the UK and expertly crafted to provide unmatched quality and comfort. Using only premium fabrics and materials, including luxurious velvet and natural linen, you’re guaranteed a touch of extravagance in every piece. Elevate your seating experience with cushions that not only look exquisite but also provide unparalleled comfort.

How to Style Purple Cushions

Purple holds a wonderfully transformative power when it comes to interior design and our purple cushions have the ability to redefine your living spaces with ease. They can be used throughout the home to inject a splash of colour, infuse a sense of elegance, make a statement, or contribute to a regal finish.

In the living room, let the rich, opulent texture of purple velvet cushions grace your sofa, creating an inviting atmosphere that exudes opulence. Introduce a sense of balance by pairing deep hues with neutral tones or contrasting them with light-coloured throws. If you prefer something a little bolder, try colour drenching and incorporating accessories in other shades of purple. We love surrounding dark purple cushions with varying hues from deep aubergine to lavender. This allows you to envelop the room in a regal palette that exudes majesty and refinement. Think rich purple cushions against a background of indigo throws and mauve curtains

For the bedroom, indulge in the calming allure of light purple cushions, creating a serene oasis that promotes relaxation. This delicate hue works well with a myriad of colour palettes but if you want to encourage comfort and create a calming ambience, there’s nothing better than soft neutrals and pastels. Pair light purple cushions with whites and creams and introduce subtle pastels like blush pink, mint, or pale blue. This creates an airy atmosphere and adds subtle colour without overwhelming the space. Mix and match patterns for a touch of playfulness or opt for a cohesive look with matching sets. Our large purple cushions make a bold statement on the bed, offering both comfort and a striking visual impact.

The versatility of our purple cushions extends beyond traditional uses, they can be used throughout the home. In the dining area, transform ordinary chairs into extraordinary accents with the addition of patterned purple cushions or consider placing a large purple cushion on an armchair in a cosy reading nook, creating a corner of tranquillity and style. Mix and match shades and sizes to curate a unique space that resonates with your personal taste. For more tips on how to style purple cushions, browse our style guides on How to Arrange Cushions and How to Match Cushions to a Sofa.

Discover the transformative power of colour as you invite the regal hues of purple into your home with our incredible purple cushions. From large purple cushions that make a bold statement to intricately patterned designs that captivate the eye, our collection offers a symphony of choices to complement your unique style.