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Floral Cushions

Freshen up your living spaces with our captivating collection of floral cushions. Prepare to be enchanted by the delightful display of beautiful botanicals, blooming blossoms, and artistic watercolour prints. Our extensive range caters to every setting, offering super-soft luxury cushions, filled with a plush duck feather or wool inner, all adorned with your favourite flowers. Choose from delicate pink floral cushions and bold green floral cushions and find the perfect floral accent for your home.

Immerse yourself in colour as you peruse our collection of floral cushions. With soft pastels, rich jewel tones, and gentle neutrals, we offer sofa cushions and bed cushions for every palette. Discover lively lime and coral shades, serene amber and sage hues, as well as elegant navy and champagne tones that will breathe new life into your interiors. Our floral cushions boast charming details such as classic piped edges, fringe trims, and intricate stitching. With such a vast assortment, we guarantee you'll find your perfect floral cushion when you shop at Voyage Maison.

Floral Cushions


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Floral Cushions at Voyage Maison

In the realm of luxury interiors, floral patterns bring a touch of timeless elegance and natural charm. Our collection effortlessly combines a variety of captivating floral prints into an array of designer cushions, ensuring that your living spaces exude a distinctive country flair. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our floral cushions boast a unique fusion of watercolour inspired prints and patterns, all exclusively designed in-house by our talented team of artists.

Explore our curated range featuring country-style blooms and bold maximalist designs, available in various sizes to complement your interior. Discover the perfect accessory for your sofa, armchair, or bed – from delicate country florals to blooming motifs, each floral cushion is a masterpiece that adds a touch of nature's beauty to your home. Choose from botanical green floral cushions, delicate pink floral cushions and timeless blue floral cushions and find the perfect piece to complete your space.

How to Style Floral Cushions

Floral cushions effortlessly infuse a sense of natural opulence into any setting and knowing how to style them properly can effortlessly enhance their charm. When styling your cushions, it’s important to consider your existing theme and colour palette. 

Florals offer versatility, working well in traditional and modern interiors alike but our favourite use for them is within country-style interiors. Floral cushions are the perfect embellishment to infuse a breath of fresh air and a touch of natural elegance into these spaces. Tailor your floral cushion selection to match the specific style of your country interior. For a cottage-inspired look, lean towards ditsy florals in gentle tones such as those seen across our pink floral cushions. If your country style is more eclectic, mix and match larger floral patterns with solid-coloured cushions for a vibrant touch. Imagine blue floral cushions against a backdrop of rich jewel tones, adding plenty of interest to your space.

If you’re looking to bring the outdoors inside, then our floral cushions can be paired with a palette or earthy tones to keep your space grounded. Think about opting for green floral cushions and pairing these with warm yellows, soft browns, and muted reds. These colours seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings, creating a connection between the interior and the outdoors. For the perfect finish, play around with a variety of textures to enhance the cosy feel of your space. Consider combining your floral cushions with chunky throws, rustic wooden furniture, or linen upholstery. This mix adds depth and visual interest and is the perfect way to create a country style interior.

A truly versatile style, florals can be used throughout the home in living areas, bedrooms, and conservatories for a fresh feel. In the living room, style floral cushions on sofas, creating a cosy arrangement by mixing large floral cushions with solid or subtly patterned counterparts. Play around with cushion arrangements and decide what looks best in your space. For tips, view our guide on How to Arrange Cushions. On armchairs, experiment with bold floral patterns and botanic motifs to make a statement. Mix sizes for visual interest and consider tying in colours with other decor elements. Our floral cushions can be paired with matching or complementary throws for a layered, inviting look. The result is a living room that exudes comfort and sophistication with a touch of natural elegance.

In the bedroom, floral cushions offer a graceful touch. Place them strategically on your bed – opt for a mix of sizes and patterns for visual interest. Large floral cushions can be placed against the headboard, creating a focal point, while smaller bed cushions and accents can be places at the front to complement. The important thing to keep in mind is that you want your cushions to blend in with the rest of your interior so opt for floral cushions that match other elements in your room such as your bedding or curtains. Consider layering textures for a comfy finish, pairing cushions with a cosy throw or placing them against crisp, solid-coloured linens. This blend of patterns and textures transforms your bedroom into a space of relaxation with a hint of natural beauty.

Elevate your home with the grace of florals and indulge in the luxury of quality craftsmanship of our designer cushions. Shop our floral cushions today and infuse your space with the vibrant allure of nature.