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Draught Excluders

Combine style and practicality with our collection of luxury draught excluders. This wonderful selection of door draught excluders will help keep the heat in whilst blocking out the cold, especially during those chilly winter months. With a selection of stylish designs and richly textured fabrics, you can keep your space warm and cosy without compromising on style. Choose from a variety of designs and fabrics and find the perfect draught excluder for your doors.

Designed and handcrafted in the UK, each of our draught excludes is filled with a plush polyester inner to keep the cold nights out and maintain its shape. Our quality craftsmanship can be seen within each design, using only the finest woven fabrics, plush fillings, and quality zip closures. Add a touch of texture and warmth to your home with a luxury draught excluder from Voyage Maison today. We also offer a variety of doorstops and cushions in matching designs if you’re looking for a complementary and stylish finish.

Draught Excluders


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Draught Excluders at Voyage Maison

Keep your home cosy and block out the winter draught with our incredible selection of draught excluders. These luxury draught excluders for doors are crafted with the finest quality fabrics and feature a variety of textures and designs in both neutral and vibrant colours.

At Voyage Maison, we offer not just practicality, but style too, with a range of draught excluder cushions that not only keep out the chill but complement your interior style! Choose from a selection of plain draught excluders as well as traditional tartan draught excluders and geometric designs. This collection of under door draught excluders can also be paired with matching door stops, so you can coordinate your interior effortlessly.

What is a Draught Excluder 

A draught excluder is a simple, yet effective soft furnishing designed to prevent cold air from entering your room through gaps at the bottom of doors or windows. Made with quality fabric and filled with an insulating inner, they act as a barrier, reducing energy loss and maintaining a warmer, cosier interior, perfect for those looking to save on pesky energy costs. 

How to Use Draught Excluders

If you’re unsure how to fit a draught excluder around your door or window, not to worry, it’s super simple! You simply want to place the draught excluder along the bottom of the door, positioning it centrally to ensure the gap is fully blocked. Draught excluders are commonly used to block any chills coming in under your door, but they also work just as well on windowsills. If you find you are often subject to draughts sneaking in under your window, then our draught excluders for windows are a perfect way to combat this. They offer a fun, decorative way to keep your home warm, even in the winter. Not only practical, but our draught excluders can also be used as a decorative piece alongside your scatter cushions or bed cushions. A long cushion is the perfect finishing touch if you're looking to create loads of texture and character in your space while supporting your back.

If you're looking for more ways to keep your home warm and be more energy efficient, then check out our selection of designer curtains, perfect for heat retention. Use them alongside our luxury draught excluders and you’ll be able to keep your home warm all year round!

Elevate your home's comfort and style with our luxury draught excluders today. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and sophistication as you bid farewell to cold draughts and cold winter winds. Seal the warmth in style – shop now and embrace the Voyage Maison luxury lifestyle.