4 Steps to Wide Width Wallpaper

Wide Width Wallpaper

Voyage Maison Wide Width Wallpaper: Four Step Process

At Voyage Maison, we offer an exclusive and simple experience when it comes to ordering wallpaper. Offering an incredible selection of wide width wallpaper by the metre you can elevate your living spaces effortlessly with our expansive designs. Get started on your decorating journey by following the simple four-step process below and transform your walls into true works of art.

Step 1. Order Samples

Before you place your order, we always recommend ordering a few samples to ensure the wallpaper is exactly what you’re looking for. Our samples allows you to see the details of the design and quality of the paper, letting you match it perfectly to your interior and colour palette.

See our guide on How to Use Wallpaper Samples for more information and order up to 10 free samples.  



Step 2. Measure


Measuring for Wallpaper

Once you’ve decided on the wallpaper design you want, the next step is to measure the walls or area in your home you would like to cover. You can do this by following our Measuring Guide for Wide Width Wallpaper.





Step 3. Buy

How to Buy Wallpaper

Once you have your measurements and have double checked they’re correct, it’s time to place your order. Simply select your chosen wallpaper design and enter your measurements on site. If you’re unsure about anything before you buy, you can browse our Wallpaper Buying Guide for more information.

Ready to buy?



Step 4. Hang

buy made to measure

Once your order has arrived, it’s time to decorate. We’ve made this process super simple with step-by-step instructions found in our Wallpaper Hanging Guide.






If you have any more questions visit our Wallpaper FAQs or contact us on 0113 539 9896 or hello@voyagemaison.com.