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Lighting Buying Guide: How to Choose Lighting for your Home

Lighting Buying Guide

When it comes to creating a luxurious and inviting atmosphere in your home, lighting plays a pivotal role. Whether you're aiming to infuse warmth into your living space, make a statement, or simply seeking the perfect finishing touch, our lighting buying guide is here to shed light on the essentials. We'll explore different lighting types, functions, and how to choose lighting for your home that illuminates your space with pure elegance, all while keeping in mind your taste for quality.

  1. Lighting Types
  2. Lighting Functions
  3. Lamp Bases & Shades
  4. How to Choose Lighting

Lighting Types

What is a Floor Lamp

What is a Floor Lamp?

Floor lamps are the epitome of versatility and style. A great addition to your home lighting, they serve various purposes such as providing general ambient lighting, task lighting, and work particularly well as accent lighting to highlight specific areas or objects in a room. They come in a wide range of styles, materials, and designs, making it easy to find a floor lamp that complements your interior decor and personal taste. Whether you're looking to add a touch of elegance or a rustic charm to your space, a floor lamp can be a stylish and practical lighting solution. Consisting of a base, stem, and lampshade, they stand tall and graceful, casting a warm glow over your living room or bedroom. Discover how to select the perfect floor lamp to illuminate your space as you follow our guide.

What is a table lamp

What is a Table Lamp?

A table lamp is a versatile and decorative lighting fixture designed to sit on a table, nightstand, desk, or any flat surface. It consists of several key components, including a base, a stem or body, and a lampshade. Table lamps are more than just functional; they are exquisite pieces of art. These petite wonders are perfect for adding an extra layer of lighting to your room. They provide focused task lighting for activities like reading or working, while their design and the quality of light they emit can enhance the ambience and style of a room. Table lamps come in a wide variety of styles, materials, and sizes, making them suitable for various interior design preferences and lighting needs. We'll delve into the world of table lamps, showing you how these fixtures can transform a room and complement your interiors. 

What is a ceiling light

What is a Ceiling Light?

Ceiling lights are the crowning jewels of your interior lighting. Suspended from the ceiling of a room, they illuminate the entire space with grace and poise. There are various styles and designs of ceiling lights and shades that will fit seamlessly into your home, creating a welcoming and well-lit environment. Ceiling lights play a crucial role in the overall lighting scheme of a room, providing the foundational illumination that sets the tone and mood of the space. They are an essential element of interior lighting design, and your choice of light should align with the room's purpose and aesthetic style.

Lighting Functions

general lighting functions

General Lighting

General lighting forms the backbone of any well-lit space. It ensures that your entire room is illuminated evenly. General lighting, such as ceiling lights, play a fundamental role in illuminating a room, setting the mood, and enhancing aesthetics. A well-lit room ensures the safety and comfort of its occupants, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Choosing the right type of general lighting fixture and adjusting its brightness and colour temperature can significantly impact the overall atmosphere and functionality of a space.

task lighting

Task Lighting

Task lighting is all about functionality. Table lamps are particularly useful here at illuminating specific areas for activities. such as reading and working. When positioned strategically on a desk or nightstand, a table lamp can create an ideal pool of focused light, reducing eye strain during reading sessions. The warm and intimate glow emitted by a well-chosen table lamp makes it perfect for creating a cosy reading nook. Additionally, these lamps are equally adept at enhancing productivity in a workspace, casting ample light onto a desk or work surface to ensure clarity and concentration. Whether it's the soft glow of a table lamp next to your favourite reading chair or the functional brilliance it brings to your work desk, these fixtures seamlessly transition between providing comfort and boosting productivity. Think about how to incorporate task lighting in your home to enhance both its functionality and style.

Ambient lighting

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting sets the mood and tone of your interiors. It bathes your space in a soft, inviting glow. Ambient lighting, particularly through the use of floor lamps, has the magical ability to transform a space into a cosy and luxurious sanctuary that radiates warmth. To achieve this inviting ambience, position floor lamps strategically in corners or beside seating areas, allowing their soft and diffused light to gently wash over the room. Opt for warm-toned bulbs or lampshades to infuse a golden hue, reminiscent of a flickering fireplace, into your surroundings.

The play of light and shadow created by floor lamps not only adds depth but also accentuates the textures and details of your decor, from sumptuous fabrics to elegant furnishings. The result is an atmosphere that invites relaxation and indulgence, where every corner becomes a haven of comfort and style. Consider how you could use ambient lighting in your space to enhance your interior’s feel.

Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is the secret weapon for highlighting your home's best features. There’s no better way to elevate your interior design to new heights than with statement bases and bold printed lampshades. Accent lighting is a powerful tool for drawing attention, adding depth, and infusing dimension into your space. Choose floor or table lamps with eye-catching bases, whether they're sculptural works of art or crafted from eye-catching materials like glass, to serve as conversation starters and focal points in your room. Pair these striking bases with lampshades featuring bold prints, patterns, or colours that resonate with your décor theme. The interplay between the distinctive base and the vibrant lampshade creates a visual symphony that not only brightens but also amplifies the personality of your home. Accent lighting isn't just about illumination; it's about crafting a narrative within your space, where every corner becomes a canvas of artistry and sophistication. Uncover the art of accent lighting that resonates with your love for quality and elegance.

Lamp Bases & Shades

ceramic lighting

Ceramic Lamp Bases

Ceramic lamp bases are timeless pieces of art. They bring a touch of sophistication and craftsmanship to your space. An excellent choice for several reasons, ceramic lamps offer a range of features and benefits that make them a popular option in interior lighting design. Not only are they stylish but offer a combination of timeless aesthetics, durability, and versatility.

Ceramic is a robust and durable material, ensuring that your lamp base will last for years to come. It is resistant to wear, fading, and corrosion, making it a reliable choice for long-term use. Not only that, but it is also easy to clean and maintain, particularly helpful in a busy household!

Available in a wide range of finishes, ceramic lamp bases offer incredible versatility with options from glossy to matte, textured to smooth. This variety allows you to find the perfect ceramic base that complements your specific design preferences and colour scheme. They also often feature intricate textures, patterns, or embossments that add depth and visual interest to your lighting fixture, making them standout piece in your room. Their ability to seamlessly fit into various design schemes while adding a touch of sophistication and personality makes them an excellent choice for those who appreciate quality and style in their lighting choices.

wooden lighting

Wooden Lamp Bases

Wooden lamp bases exude rustic charm and natural beauty. They often complement warm lighting tones, enhancing the cosy and inviting atmosphere of a room. Wood bases are particularly popular thanks to their harmonious blend of aesthetics, versatility, and sustainability.

Wood is an incredibly versatile material, available in a wide range of types, finishes, and styles. This versatility allows you to find a wooden lamp base that harmonises with various interior design themes, from traditional to modern. Many wooden lamp bases, like our own, are crafted from sustainably sourced wood, making them an environmentally friendly choice. This aligns with the growing preference for eco-conscious home décor.

Well-crafted wooden lamp bases are also highly durable and can withstand the test of time. When properly cared for, they can become long-lasting fixtures in your home. They effortlessly connect with the outdoors, making them an ideal choice for country-inspired interiors. And what’s more, wood's natural texture and grain patterns create visual interest and uniqueness in each lamp base, adding character and depth to your space. Discover why wooden lamp bases are an excellent choice for elevating your interior design when you explore our collection today.

glass lighting

Glass Lamp Bases

Glass lamp bases are the epitome of elegance and grace. They reflect light in the most enchanting way, creating an ethereal atmosphere. A unique and elegant lighting option, they display several features and benefits that make them an excellent choice for elevating your interior.

Glass has the ability to create a luminous and ethereal ambience, allowing light to pass through, dispersing it evenly and creating a soft, welcoming glow that illuminates the room beautifully. Glass lamp bases come in a wide variety of designs, from sleek and modern to intricate and traditional. This versatility ensures that you can find a glass lamp that complements your decor style and adds a touch of sophistication to your space.

Glass has reflective properties that can make a room appear larger and brighter. It can enhance the perception of space and add depth to your interiors. Like ceramic, glass is also easy to maintain and clean, making it a practical choice for those who prefer low-maintenance lighting fixtures. They are also far less susceptible to discoloration or damage compared to other materials. Glass lamp bases provide a unique way to introduce illumination and artistry into your space, creating a luxurious and welcoming atmosphere that appeals to those who appreciate both form and function in their lighting choices.

drum lamp shades

Drum Lamp Shades

Drum lamp shades are classic and sophisticated. Their simple cylindrical shape exudes a clean and tailored look while diffusing a soft, even light, making them a popular choice in interior lighting design. They are an excellent choice for those who appreciate a well-defined and contemporary aesthetic.

One of their standout features is their adaptability—they can be paired with a wide range of lighting fixtures, from ceiling lights to table lamps and even floor lamps. This versatility means that the understated charm of a drum lamp shade can grace any room in your home, adding a touch of refined ambience. Available in various sizes, drum lamp shades cater to different styles of lamps, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your lighting ensemble, whether you lean towards minimalist or eclectic design.

Taper Lamp Shades

Taper Lamp Shades

Tapered lamp shades add a touch of modernity to your lighting ensemble. These lamp shades get their name from their typically feature a tapered shape, which means they are narrower at the top and wider at the bottom. This design allows for a subtle, soft diffusion of light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home. Their sleek design and angular lines create a striking visual impact for a dynamic look that seamlessly blends modernity with sophistication. They are an excellent choice for those who appreciate a clean and minimalist aesthetic, as they evoke a sense of simplicity and elegance.

Tapered lamp shades can be exceptionally versatile, gracing a variety of lighting fixtures, including ceiling lights and floor lamps, with their sleek silhouette. When placed on ceiling lights, they offer a stylish focal point that draws the eye upward, while on floor lamps, they add a touch of contemporary flair to any room. With their ability to harmonise with both modern and transitional interiors, tapered lamp shades are a choice that resonates with those who seek a refined lighting solution with a contemporary twist.

How to Choose Lighting for Your Home

Consider the Room’s Purpose

Consider the Rooms Purpose for Lighting

When selecting lighting for your home, considering a room's purpose is essential to ensure that the lighting enhances the functionality and ambience of the space. Each room, with its unique purpose and personality, deserves a bespoke lighting strategy.

Think about the essence of your living room. Is it a cocoon for relaxation, where you unwind with a good book or gather with loved ones? In such a sanctuary, ambient lighting takes centre stage, casting a gentle, embracing glow that beckons you to recline and savour the moment. Picture a luxurious floor lamp with a softly diffused shade, that bathes the room in a warm, golden radiance.

Now, consider your study or office, where productivity and focus are paramount. Task lighting becomes your trusted companion here, illuminating your desk or work area with precision. A sleek desk lamp or table lamp might be the perfect partner, offering the right intensity to conquer your tasks efficiently.

But lighting is more than just function; it's a canvas on which you paint the mood of your space. Imagine accent lighting, strategically positioned to showcase treasured artwork or statement décor pieces. A well-placed spotlight, or tripod floor lamp can transform an ordinary corner into a captivating focal point, breathing life into your décor.

You should also consider taking advantage of dimmable options or new smart lighting control systems. They grant you the freedom to adjust the intensity and colour of the light, tailoring it to your desired ambience. Whether it's a romantic dinner or a cosy movie night, the ability to set the mood with a simple adjustment is a luxury in itself. By carefully considering these factors, you can create a well-lit, functional, and aesthetically pleasing space.  

Consider Placement

Consider the placement of lighting

Careful consideration of lighting placement is paramount, as it can make or break the overall look of a space. The strategic positioning of lighting fixtures, whether it's ceiling lights, floor lamps, or table lamps, has a profound impact on how a room is illuminated and how it feels. Proper placement not only ensures that the entire space is well-lit but also minimises shadows and dark corners, creating a welcoming and harmonious atmosphere. On the contrary, poor placement can lead to glare, uneven lighting, or a lack of focus in the room.

Where you place your lamp will depend on the space, shading and style of lamp you have chosen. A floor lamp can work well in various spaces. They’re perfect for creating a cosy reading nook in your living room or bedroom, or can be placed near seating areas for a warm glow, perfect if you have guests round for a games night! They work particularly well when placed in darker corners of your space, where overhead lighting may not reach effectively. Placing a tall floor lamp in these areas can brighten them up and make the room feel more balanced.

When placing table lamps, consider factors like the lamp's size, style, and shade design to ensure it complements your room's décor. In the entryway or hallway, a table lamp on a console table can welcome guests with a soft, inviting glow. It not only adds a touch of elegance but also provides functional lighting for the space. Placing them on bedside tables is another classic choice. Here, they provide convenient reading light and create a warm, cosy atmosphere in the bedroom. Opt for matching lamps on either side of the bed for a balanced look. Table lamps can also be placed on end tables or side tables in the living room or on desks in your workspace, here they can serve as focused task lighting for activities like reading or working on a laptop. They also contribute to the room's overall ambient lighting and add a decorative element.

To achieve the perfect ambience, it's essential to strike a balance between functional and decorative lighting while taking into account the room's layout, purpose, and unique architectural features. This will ensure you achieve a balanced and inviting environment.

Focal Points

Consider Focal Points

Highlighting focal points in your home is essential for creating a captivating atmosphere. Lighting is a great way to highlight areas or features in your home, without disturbing your décor. Whether it's an exquisite piece of artwork, an architectural feature, or a cherished décor item, accent lighting can draw attention and add depth to these points of interest. By directing focused light onto these elements, you not only showcase their beauty but also create a sense of drama and sophistication in your space. The interplay of light and shadow can transform an otherwise ordinary room into a dynamic and engaging environment, where every corner tells a story, and every focal point becomes a work of art.

Style of Lighting

Consider Style

The style of lighting you choose for your space is a crucial element in interior design. The lighting fixtures you select should complement the overall décor and aesthetic of the room. For example, in a contemporary setting, sleek and minimalist fixtures with clean lines complement the modern design. In contrast, ornate chandeliers or vintage-inspired pendant lights can add character to traditional or eclectic interiors. Industrial-style lighting fixtures, with their raw materials and exposed bulbs, resonate with urban and loft-style spaces. We particularly enjoy adding warmth with wooden fixtures and lamps to get that beloved country flair. By aligning the lighting style with your interior, you not only enhance the cohesive look of the room but also reinforce the desired ambience, creating a harmonious and visually pleasing environment. Dive into the world of lighting designs that cater to your preferences, whether you lean towards traditional elegance, contemporary chic, or a unique fusion of both.

In the world of luxury interiors, lighting is the jewel in the crown. With our lighting buying guide, you now know how to choose lighting for your home and illuminate your space with grace, quality, and style. It's time to transform your living space into a haven of warmth and sophistication. Explore our exquisite collection of table lamps, floor lamps, lampshades, and lamp bases to find the perfect lighting solutions that speak to your discerning taste.

Wrap up your search for the perfect lighting here at Voyage Maison, where quality meets elegance. Illuminate your world and let your home shine with the radiance it deserves. Enhance your surroundings with our lighting collection today and embrace the luxury of a beautifully lit home.