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Furniture Measuring Guide: How to Measure for Your New Furniture

How to Measure for Furniture

Creating a luxurious and comfortable home requires more than just selecting exquisite furniture; it involves meticulous planning and precise measurements. In this comprehensive furniture measurement guide, we'll delve into how to measure furniture, offering expert tips for measuring your space, ensuring seamless furniture delivery, and handling self-assembly items. Whether you're eyeing a new chair, bench, or other furniture pieces, this guide will be your trusted companion.

How to Measure a Room for Furniture

The first step in the buying new furniture is to determine if your chosen pieces will work with your room's dimensions. "it's not just about if the furniture will fit, measuring correctly allows you to create a balanced and inviting space" explains Simone, Design & Development Deputy Manager at It’s important to check the dimensions of the furniture piece you have selected online, once you have those, you can check you have ample space in your room. If you’re unsure how to measure a room for furniture, not to worry, here's a detailed breakdown of the process:

How to Measure Furniture Dimensions

Marking Out Dimensions

Begin by visualising the furniture in your space. To do this effectively, use masking tape to mark out the dimensions on the floor. This low-tech method provides a tangible representation, allowing you to assess the visual impact of each piece. You should consider the height, width, and depth of your new furniture, ensuring that the proportions align with your room's size. These dimensions should be listed within the product description. 

Measure the Height (H) – Take the measurement from the floor to the highest point of the assembled item.

Measure the Width (W) – Measure the furthest points left to right of the assembled item.

Measure the Depth (D) – Measure the furthest points front to back of the assembled item.

How to Measure a Room for Furniture

Space Around the Furniture

While it's crucial for furniture to fit, it's equally important to leave ample space around each piece. Simone explains "it's not just about if the furniture will fit, measuring correctly allows you to create a balanced and inviting space". It’s also important to consider any potential obstructions such as low hanging ceiling lights, radiators, door swing arcs, and any other obstacles. This thoughtful approach enhances both the aesthetics and functionality of your space.

If you’re measuring for a new armchair, you can find more information in our armchair buying guide.

How to Measure for Furniture Delivery

Selecting the perfect furniture is only half the journey; getting it into your home seamlessly is the next challenge. Let's explore how to measure for furniture delivery:

Getting it Through Your Front Door/Internal Doorways

Before finalising your purchase, it’s important to measure your front door and internal doorways. This step ensures that your chosen furniture can smoothly navigate through entry points. Pay attention to the width, height, and diagonal depth, as some items may have dimensions that could pose challenges during delivery.

Through Hallways

If your furniture's path involves navigating through hallways, it’s important that you measure the width of these spaces. This is particularly important for larger items or those with unconventional shapes. By confirming hallway dimensions, you minimise the risk of unexpected obstacles during the delivery process.

Up Stairs

For multi-level homes, stair dimensions become crucial. Measure the width and height of your staircase, ensuring they accommodate the dimensions of your furniture. Take note of any turns or landings to anticipate potential challenges. This foresight prevents complications and ensures a smooth ascent to upper floors.

Self-Assembly Furniture

A handful of our furniture items require partial self-assembly. For these items, additional considerations come into play. Let's explore the specifics of preparing for and assembling self-assembly furniture:

Clear the Path before Delivery

Before your self-assembly furniture arrives, ensure there's a clear path from the point of delivery to your chosen assembly area. Removing any obstacles or clutter ensures a seamless transition of packages to the construction space.

Create Extra Space Around the Assembly Area

Beyond just the immediate assembly space, consider clearing extra floorspace around the designated area. This allows you to avoid any parts being misplaced during assembly and gives you more space to work. With extra space, you can spread out and identify each of the parts required and lay out your tools to have at hand.

Read the Assembly Instructions in Advance

Familiarise yourself with the assembly instructions before the delivery. Understanding the steps involved and any specific requirements ensures that you're well-prepared for the construction process.

Have Necessary Parts/Tools Ready

Before you begin assembling your furniture, check the provided assembly instructions for a list of required tools and parts. Gather these tools in advance, and ensure no parts are missing in the package. Once you have checked you have everything you need and everything is in good condition, you can begin!

What to Do on Delivery Day

On the much-anticipated delivery day you will receive an SMS and/or email notification with a delivery slot. This means you can be fully prepared to receive your parcel. Ensure that your measured spaces are ready for the arrival of your new furniture. Clear communication with the delivery team ensures a coordinated effort, minimising any potential issues.

Preparing Your Space for Delivery

Anticipating the delivery day involves more than just measuring; it requires proactive preparation. Move any obstacles, clear pathways, and create an unobstructed route for the delivery team. This ensures a smooth and efficient process on the day of delivery.

In conclusion, measuring for furniture involves a careful balance of spatial awareness, logistical considerations, and an eye for design. At Voyage Maison, you can trust us to provide furniture that not only fits your space but transforms it into a haven of luxury and style. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship is evident in our collection of chairs, stools, benches, and room dividers. Our comprehensive furniture measuring guide provides everything you need to know about how to measure furniture and your space to create a home that reflects your unique style and taste. When you choose us, you ensure that each piece of furniture becomes an enduring part of your home's story!