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Coastal Lighting

Introducing our stunning coastal lighting collection, featuring an exquisite range of lamps and coastal lamp shades. Designed to illuminate your space with a touch of seaside charm, this lighting collection captures the essence of coastal living. Each table lamp and floor lamp boasts unique coastal-inspired elements, such as nautical motifs, and soothing colour palettes. Whether you're looking to enhance your décor or add a coastal flair to your space, our coastal style lighting offers the perfect blend of style and functionality. Explore our selection today and bring the coastal vibes into your home!

Discover a captivating array of designs in our coastal lighting collection, inspired by the enchanting wonders of the sea. Dive into a world of marine beauty with our sea life creatures, to bring a touch of underwater magic to your space. If you’re looking to create a calming atmosphere, immerse yourself in coastal landscapes, as cool blues and refreshing whites paint a serene backdrop reminiscent of tranquil ocean waves and endless sandy beaches. Each design in our collection encapsulates the real essence of coastal living, allowing you to infuse your home with the rejuvenating feel of the seaside. Experience the beauty of our coastal style lighting and transform your space into a calming oasis today.

Coastal Lighting


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Coastal Lighting at Voyage Maison

Our carefully curated coastal lighting collection at Voyage Maison is a celebration of the breezy, laid-back charm that defines coastal living. Each piece is designed to evoke the serenity of coastal landscapes, bringing a touch of the seaside into your home. The gentle glow of our coastal style lighting effortlessly captures the essence of tranquil shores and sun-kissed horizons.

Choosing and Styling Coastal Lighting

Enhancing your interiors with coastal lighting is an art, and we're here to guide you through it. Dive into the diverse styles within our collection, from nautical ceiling lights to rustic wooden table lamps paired with coastal lamp shades. Embrace the coastal aesthetic by incorporating natural textures, light colours, and ocean-inspired motifs.

How you style your coastal lighting can really transform your space. For coastal table lamps, consider placing them on bedside tables or entryway consoles to infuse a subtle seaside charm. Our wooden bases in particular add a touch of organic warmth, enhancing the coastal aesthetic. To elevate coastal floor lamps, position them strategically in living areas to create a focal point. Our Quintus and Aratus floor lamps both embody the rustic allure of coastal landscapes. Complement these lamps with light, breezy shades that evoke the colours of sun-bleached shells and ocean waves. The result is a coastal-inspired illumination that brings the tranquillity of the shore directly into your home.

If you’re looking to customise your existing lighting, consider freshening up the space with a new lamp shade. Our versatile coastal inspired shades seamlessly complement a variety of lamp styles and are available in a variety of designs. Choose from those in textured cool blues and grey, as well as statement shades featuring sea life like fish, crustaceans, and seagulls. Mix and match shades to find the perfect balance between warmth and sophistication.

Looking for more tips on how to choose coastal style lighting for your home? Check out our Lighting Buying Guide.

Why Choose Coastal Lighting from Voyage Maison

At Voyage Maison, we specialise in designer homeware, and our lighting is no exception. Our coastal lighting is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality. Each piece reflects the skill and artistry that defines our reputation for excellence.

Our talented designers draw inspiration from the beauty of coastal landscapes, creating unique and exclusive designs, all hand-painted and printed here in the UK. Whether you're revamping your living room, bedroom, or even a cosy reading nook, our coastal style lighting seamlessly integrates into any space, elevating the ambience with a touch of coastal allure.

Embrace the timeless charm of coastal lighting and the serenity of coastal living, and let your interiors reflect the beauty of the sea. Explore our collection today and illuminate your space with the allure of the coast.