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Floor Lamps

Introducing our exquisite collection of floor lamps, perfect for illuminating your living room with style and elegance. Our styles combine functionality and aesthetics, featuring a stunning range of designs, including sleek tripod and timeless wooden floor lamps. Whether you're seeking ambient lighting or a statement piece, our floor lamps complement any living room décor. Explore our collection today and elevate your living space with the perfect lighting solution.

Discover an enchanting array of prints adorning our stunning floor lamps, adding a touch of personality to any room. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with our charming country-inspired prints, featuring rustic motifs and warm hues that create a cosy ambience. Embrace the timeless elegance of floral prints, where delicate blossoms bloom and breathe life into your space. For those seeking a contemporary twist, our abstract prints offer a burst of vibrant colours and captivating patterns, making a bold statement. Browse our assortment now and find the perfect floor lamp to enhance your ambience. Many of our wooden floor lamps can be paired with matching wooden table lamps for a contemporary, cohesive finish.

Floor Lamps


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Floor Standing Lamps

When it comes to illuminating your home, floor lamps offer a practical and stylish alternative to harsh overhead lighting. At Voyage Maison, we bring you an extensive collection of floor lamps that are sure to elevate the ambiance of your living spaces. Whether you're looking for a traditional wooden floor lamp or a contemporary tripod design, we have the perfect lighting solution for your home or office.

Our curated range of floor lamps caters to various tastes and preferences, blending both traditional and modern styles seamlessly. If you adore the charm of natural wood, our wooden floor lamps will captivate your senses. For a harmonious look, consider pairing them with a matching wooden table lamp.

Standing lamps offer much more than just mood lighting; they also serve as excellent companions next to armchairs or sofas, providing ideal illumination for reading or relaxation. Regardless of your room's design, our diverse range of standing lamps is sure to complement your décor flawlessly.

Choosing the Perfect Floor Lamp

Selecting the right floor lamp is crucial to achieving a polished finish in your interior. Our collection includes various styles, ensuring you find the ideal match for your space.

Tripod Floor Lamps

Embrace Modern Elegance with Tripod Floor Lamps: The current trend of tripod lamps showcases their versatility with a wide three-leg base, making them a perfect addition to any space. Choose from our selection of contemporary wooden tripod floor lamps including our popular Aratus Floor Lamp.

Reading Floor Lamps

Enhance Productivity with Reading Floor Lamps: Designed to facilitate work at any time of the day, our reading floor lamps feature a single base with an overhanging arm and shade. Position them next to a reading armchair or work desk for increased lighting in your focused area.

Wooden Floor Lamps

Add Warmth with Wooden Floor Lamps: Create a welcoming and cosy interior with our range of wooden floor lamps. The rustic charm of these lamps adds a touch of warmth to any space, making them perfect for crafting a comforting ambiance.

Discover the finest floor lamps for your home or office at Voyage Maison. Illuminate your surroundings with style and flair, and enjoy the delightful ambience our floor lamps bring to your space.