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Scatter Cushions

Add a splash of character to your home décor with our gorgeous range of statement scatter cushions. These fabulous arthouse-style cushions can be styled in several ways to suit your personal style and encourage comfort. Featuring a variety of colours, textures and designs, these small cushions can be used throughout the home. Transform your lounge with sofa scatter cushions or add character to your bedroom with bed scatter cushions when you shop this luxury collection today.

Designed in the UK, our incredible scatter cushions offer unmatched quality thanks to our expert craftsmanship and our talented designers. Each small cushion features one of our signature designs and is crafted with only the highest quality fabric, finished beautifully with a plush duck feather or wool inner for comfort. Carefully hand-painted and printed to offer you a premium finish, our stylish scatter cushions set off any chair, sofa, or bed perfectly! These small cushions contrast beautifully with simplistic designs from our plain & textured cushion collection, why not mix and match to create your perfect interior today?

Scatter Cushions


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Sofa Scatter Cushions

It's the little things that make a house a home, and here at Voyage Maison, our designer scatter cushions do just that! Our incredible collection of small scatter cushions and arthouse cushions features a range of signature Voyage designs, expertly crafted from the highest quality fabrics, and filled with a luxury duck feather or wool inner for supreme comfort. 

Whether you're looking for a modern grey scatter cushion or something a little bolder like one of our maximalist designs, we have the perfect scatter cushion for your sofa, chair, or bed. Our small scatter cushions are perfect for both your living room and bedroom and can be styled in an array of interiors depending on your desired finish. 

Sofa Scatter Cushions

Elevate your living room aesthetic with a small selection of sofa scatter cushions, designed to imbue a sense of comfort and style. Adorn your sofas and armchairs with these small cushions, each boasting a signature design that resonates with luxury and individuality. With a wide selection of designs, you can experiment with textures and colours to evoke different moods—soft, plush fabrics for a cosy ambience or vibrant hues to inject a burst of energy. Layering cushions of various styles and sizes adds depth and dimension, transforming your living room or lounge into a haven of relaxation and style.

It's important when styling your sofa cushions and scatter cushions that you consider how to arrange them. For a timeless appeal, consider a symmetrical arrangement, placing pairs of cushions on either end of your sofa or armchair. This imparts a sense of balance while showcasing the exquisite patterns that define our collection. Alternatively, embrace eclectic charm by mixing and matching contrasting designs, creating a visually dynamic finish that adds personality to your seating area. For more tips and tricks on styling your sofa scatter cushions, learn How to Arrange Cushions on a Sofa with our expert guide.

Bed Scatter Cushions

Extend the luxury and personal touch beyond the living room and transform your bedroom with exquisite bed scatter cushions. Elevate your bedroom aesthetics by adorning your bed with these small yet impactful accents, each bearing one of our signature designs. Create a bedscape that speaks to your style and personality with a thoughtful combination of textures and colours. Choose scatter cushions with sumptuous fabrics to invite relaxation and ensure a seamless blend of comfort and opulence. From subtle neutrals to bold hues, our small scatter cushions provide the perfect palette for expressing your personal style within the intimate confines of your bedroom.

If your bedroom is in need of a refresh, then our bed cushions and scatter cushions provide the perfect solution. Introduce a statement print easily with these small cushions and enhance the allure of your bedspread by carefully arranging them. For a classic, refined look, opt for pairs of cushions with coordinating patterns that mirror the symmetry of your bed. To infuse a touch of individuality, experiment with a mix of complementary designs and sizes. We love stacking pillows, large bed cushions, and scatter cushions together for a comfortable, stylish finish.

At Voyage Maison, our collection of scatter cushions really does transcend the ordinary, offering you luxury, comfort, and personalised style. From the living room to the bedroom, our signature designs transform spaces effortlessly. Explore the rich tapestry of patterns, textures, and colours when you shop this collection of luxury scatter cushions today and find the perfect accent piece to breathe life into your sofa, armchair, or bed.