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Sofa Cushions

Sink into your sofa and enjoy pure comfort and style with our collection of luxury sofa cushions. Whether you're going for a brand-new look or your sofa is in need of a seasonal update, you'll find the perfect sofa cushion here at Voyage Maison. Create an opulent feel with our luxe velvet cushions or go with one of our signature animal or floral prints for that classic country finish. Explore these stylish designs today and find the perfect cushions for your sofa.

With a huge variety of options to choose from, our incredible collection of sofa cushions has been designed with care to offer you unparalleled quality and style. Designed, hand-painted and printed right here in the UK, all of our designer cushions are complete with a duck feather or wool inner for a superior finish. Choose from both small and large cushions for your sofa, chair or bench and create an inviting interior full of character and warmth!

Sofa Cushions


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showing 52 of 691

Sofa Cushions at Voyage Maison

At Voyage Maison, we offer one of the largest collections of designer sofa cushions online, with hundreds of designs for you to choose from. Whatever your interior style, you're sure to find the perfect finishing touch for your living room or lounge. Whether you're looking to revamp your sofa with colour, bold designs, or add a little texture, we have something for everyone. You'll find a huge selection of small and large sofa cushions in a variety of shapes, colours, and designs.

How to Choose & Style Cushions for Sofas

When deciding on the best cushions for your sofa, you should first consider how cushions might fit into your existing colour scheme and interior style. Consider accent colours that you could highlight in your wallpaper or curtains and choose sofa cushions that match. Or, if you prefer a bold finish, opt for contrasting colours and tones. We love mixing and matching textures too, going for complementary colours and hues but in different textures such as velvet, boucle, or weave.

You may also want to think about the fabric and style of your sofa cushions. If you're going for a more formal, elegant style, then matching plain piped cushions are the perfect fit, but if your space is more laid back, then sofa cushions in fun colours and prints are perfect to add to that relaxed feel. If you really want to make a statement with your interior, our maximalist cushions may be the best option for you, featuring bold prints and rich colours.

It's also important to consider the size of your sofa to ensure your cushions don't get lost or totally overwhelm your space. If you have a big sofa then you can mix and match both large and small sofa cushions for a comfy finish. However, for a smaller sofa or armchair, you'll have to be a little more selective as too many cushions may actually make it more uncomfortable to sit on. We would recommend pairing one large sofa cushion, with a smaller scatter cushion for a perfect finish.

Once you decide which style of sofa cushion, you're looking for, it's important to consider how to arrange cushions on your sofa. This will depend on what kind of feel you want to achieve in your living area. If you prefer a casual look then two or three cushions on either end of your sofa is ideal. You can play around with different sizes to add interest and encourage comfort. For a more traditional look, we love pairing matching cushions, from the outside in, with an accent cushion in the centre to make a statement.

Transform your living space with opulence and comfort today when you dive into luxury with Voyage Maison's exquisite sofa cushions, meticulously designed for those who appreciate the finer things. Indulge in comfort and indulge in style. Shop now and find the perfect cushions for your sofa.