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Lamp Shades

Explore our curated collection of lamp shades that effortlessly blend timeless allure with contemporary chic. Each shade in our lighting collection is finished to the highest standard, featuring statement prints, exquisite linen, and hand-rolled edges. With a wide range of sizes, you’ll find the perfect light shade to complement both your floor and table lamps easily. Whether you seek the cosy ambience of a small lamp shade or the commanding presence of a large one, we have the perfect fit for your space. Shop the collection today!

At Voyage Maison, we offer a wide variety of lamp shades in a selection of designs, colours, and sizes. Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues, from audacious and bright tones to the soothing embrace of neutral shades. Grace your sanctuary with the opulence of elegant grey and black lamp shades, evoking an alluring, moody atmosphere, or explore our range of prints featuring charming country scenes and blooming botanical motifs. Uncover your signature style and find the perfect light shade to complete your space.

Lamp Shades


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Lampshades at Voyage Maison

Lamp Shades at Voyage Maison

Elevate your home's ambience with our exquisite lighting collection at Voyage Maison. Choose from a variety of lamp shades that can be paired with any of our stylish ceiling lights, floor lamps, or table lamps

Each light shade has been designed to combine unparalleled quality with exquisite artistry. Our signature designs, carefully curated and painted in-house, transform every piece into a work of timeless elegance. Printed onto premium linen, these light shades boast not only a luxurious feel but also a durability that ensures they stand the test of time. Elevate your space with the perfect blend of craftsmanship and design when you choose lamp shades from Voyage Maison.

How to Choose and Style Lamp Shades

When selecting the perfect lamp shade, you want to consider both functionality and style, making sure to add a distinctive touch to your home. For table lamps, consider the proportions – a shade that complements the base's size creates visual balance. Embrace designs that resonate with your overall aesthetic, be it a classic look or a contemporary twist. When choosing lamp shades for floor lamps, aim for elegance and subtlety. Look for styles that enhance the lamp's structural design while casting a warm, inviting glow. Ceiling lights demand a consideration of both form and function. It’s important to go for shades that diffuse light evenly across the room, creating a pleasing atmosphere. Whether it's the grace of a table lamp, the subtlety of a floor lamp, or the functionality of a ceiling light, the right lamp shade adds the perfect finishing touch to your well-curated space.

When it comes to elevating the ambience of your space, lamp shades play a pivotal role. For a touch of sophistication that seamlessly integrates with your luxurious interiors, consider timeless designs that boast a blend of classic and contemporary elements.

When pairing lamp shades with table lamps, opt for designs that complement the overall aesthetic of your furniture. A well-crafted light shade can serve as a subtle focal point, enhancing the allure of your surroundings. If your taste leans towards a country flair, earthy tones and botanical motifs can seamlessly merge with your existing décor, creating a harmonious atmosphere. Our country and floral shades are the perfect choice!

For floor lamps, embrace designs that exude an understated elegance. Consider shades with a quality finish, perhaps in muted tones or textured fabrics that add a touch of richness. Our plain and textured shades offer a wide variety of options that pair well with these lamps. Think about the interplay of light and shadow – a well-chosen lamp shade can cast a warm, inviting glow that enhances the cosy appeal of your space.

Colour considerations are important too! Whether you’re styling a table lamp, floor lamp, or ceiling light you should always try to match the shades hues with your existing colour palette. This ensures a seamless integration into your space. Soft pastels or neutral tones can add a subtle grace, while bold colours make a statement if you're looking to infuse a bit of drama.

In the world of luxury interiors, it's not just about illumination; it's about creating an experience. Invest in lamp shades that not only serve their practical purpose but also contribute to the overall aesthetic, embodying the quality and style that define your refined taste. For more tips on how to choose and style lamp shades, check out our Lighting Buying Guide.

How to Clean Lamp Shades

Preserving the beauty of your lamp shades is as important as choosing the right one. Keep your lighting investment looking as good as new by following these simple steps! 

It’s important to gently dust your lamp shades regularly using a soft, dry cloth to remove any surface dirt. This can be done as part of your usual housecleaning. If your light shade is in need of a deeper clean then you can lightly vacuum with a brush attachment or wipe with a damp, lint-free cloth. You should avoid any harsh chemicals or abrasive materials to ensure the longevity of your lamp shades. Always stick to gentle detergents or a dishwashing liquid if you need to spot clean as stronger products may include chemicals like bleach that will stain the shade. A well-maintained lamp shade not only illuminates your space but adds a touch of enduring elegance to your home.

How to Fit a Lamp Shade

Fitting a lampshade is a simple process, you should always ensure you have a secure fit. Start by cleaning the lamp base to remove any dust or debris. If you have an old lamp shade, carefully remove it by unscrewing or unclipping it from the lamp base. Next, position the opening of the new lamp shade over the bulb holder and slide it down gently. Double-check that the lamp shade sits evenly and level on the lamp base or ceiling fixture. Finally, tighten any screws or clips that come with the lamp shade for added stability, preventing accidental slips or falls. With these easy steps, your lamp shade will be fitted securely, creating a warm and inviting glow in your space.