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Yellow Fabric

Welcome to our vibrant collection of yellow fabrics, where sunshine and style intertwine effortlessly! Embrace the radiance of yellow with our range of designer fabrics that encompass a variety of delightful options from bold prints to simple plains and rich textures. Whether you prefer the softness of yellow cotton fabric or the drape of yellow curtain fabric, our collection is sure to elevate your décor to a whole new level. Brighten up your space and discover the versatility of our incredible yellow fabrics when you order your free samples today.

At Voyage Maison, our premium selection of fabric lets you create a captivating atmosphere as you infuse your home with the warmth and charm of yellow. With our curated selection of yellow fabrics, you have the freedom to express your personal style. Our yellow fabrics offer endless possibilities whether you're aiming for a cheerful and lively ambience with yellow floral fabrics or a serene and sophisticated look of a plain mustard yellow fabric. From refreshing lemon shades to mustard and golden hues, our collection allows you to bring the essence of sunshine into your interior design. Dive into our assortment of yellow fabrics and craft a space that radiates joy today.

Yellow Fabric


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Yellow Fabric at Voyage Maison

Step into a world of opulent charm and joy with our exquisite yellow fabrics at Voyage Maison. There’s no better way to elevate your living spaces than with a touch of sophistication and warmth that our collection can provide. Catering to a diverse range of styles, you can immerse yourself in the sumptuous embrace of yellow cottons, linens, and polyesters, each meticulously crafted to provide not just comfort but an aesthetic delight.

Our renowned fabrics boast an array of plains, textures, and prints, ensuring that every piece tells a unique story. From the zest of lemons to the richness of mustard and the depth of gold, our incredible selection of yellow fabric allows you to curate an interior that resonates with your style. Embrace the timeless allure of yellow – a hue that effortlessly brings sunshine and joy to your home and experience the artistry of Voyage Maison, where every fabric is a testament to quality and refinement. 

How to Choose & Use Yellow Fabric

When it comes to crafting your next interior project, the choice of fabric is paramount as it can take any ordinary piece and transform it into something extraordinary. Choosing the right fabric involves thoughtful consideration of materials, colour palette and design, as each has an impact on the overall finish and comfort that your piece provides. At Voyage Maison, we guide you through this selection with our Fabric Buying Guide, helping you make the right decision when it comes to our trending yellow fabric options discussed below.

Materials are the foundation of sophistication – from the plush embrace of cotton to the regal elegance of velvet and the durability of polyester blends. Each yellow fabric brings its unique character, promising not just comfort but a feast for the eyes. Our trending styles of late include luxurious yellow velvet fabric and versatile yellow cottons, each crafted to elevate your interiors. 

Yellow Velvet Fabric

If you’re looking for a yellow curtain fabric, then velvet is the perfect choice. Synonymous with opulence, it adds a touch of glamour and richness to your windows. While it’s ideal for framing your windows as curtains, it can also be draped beautifully over statement furniture and chairs. Its plush texture not only exudes comfort but also brings a sense of grandeur. The luminosity of yellow enhances the regal allure of this plush fabric, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a blend of sophistication, opulence, and cosiness.

Yellow Cotton Fabric

On the other hand, yellow cotton fabric, with its versatile nature, proves to be a dynamic choice for a range of interior projects. Perfect for curtains, cushions, and throws, its breathable and lightweight properties ensure a comfortable and inviting ambience. The variety of hues, from lemons to mustard, seamlessly integrates into diverse design schemes, providing a fresh and vibrant aesthetic.

While material is important, the design you choose has a huge impact on your space. Whether intricate prints or classic plains, different designs have the ability to define the aesthetic finish of your space. Choose with intention, and ensure that whether pattern, plain, or texture, your fabric suits your interior and personal style. 

Plain Yellow Fabric

For those inclined towards minimalism, our plain yellow fabric emerges as a canvas of serene simplicity. Ideal for creating a clean, uncluttered look, it lends itself gracefully to minimalist interiors, allowing the vibrant hue to take centre stage. Perfect for simple cushions or drapery, plain yellow fabric brings a sense of calm sophistication to spaces where less is more.

Patterned Yellow Fabric

Conversely, the allure of patterned yellow fabric captures the essence of maximalist design, injecting energy, and personality into your interiors. Whether adorned with bold abstract prints, intricate florals, or contemporary country designs, patterned yellow fabric is perfect for those seeking to make a vibrant statement. Renowned for our country flair and print designs, our yellow floral fabric is a popular choice for those creating accent pieces, cushions, or even daring feature walls, it invites a playful and dynamic atmosphere into your living spaces.

For those seeking a balance between the two extremes, a fusion of plain and patterned yellow fabrics offer a perfect middle ground. Pairing plain yellow with subtle patterns or opting for a mix of patterns in coordinating hues allows for a simple yet lively ambience that strikes the perfect balance.

Finally, it’s of course important to consider the shade of fabric as this can have an impact on the mood and atmosphere of your space. You’ll want to choose either a complementary or contrasting shade of yellow that resonates with your interior and personality. Our collection offers a range of sunshine, lemon, and warm yellows, as well as our stand-out mustard yellow fabric.

Mustard Yellow Fabric

The deep and muted tone of mustard yellow has become a sought-after, popular choice for many modern homes. This is thanks to its blend of warmth and sophistication, making it a perfect option for a range of design endeavours. 

Mustard yellow fabric, with its rich and subdued hue, is particularly well-suited for a range of soft furnishings, imparting a touch of opulence while maintaining a sense of timelessness. It shines as a choice for throw pillows, cushions, and curtains as it tends to draw the eye and make a statement, especially when paired against deep blues. Its warm undertones create an inviting atmosphere, making these elements not just decorative but also functional in adding comfort and a pop of colour to your living space.

Whether you're aiming for a contemporary look, a cosy atmosphere, or a blend of both, our trending yellow fabric invites you to infuse your interiors with a touch of timeless elegance. Explore this premium fabric collection, order your free samples, and make a statement that resonates with your unique style.