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Grey Furniture

Welcome to our exquisite collection of grey furniture, where sophistication meets comfort. Discover a stunning array of chairs, stools, benches, and more, all in the timeless allure of grey. Our range includes grey living room furniture as well as grey bedroom furniture, perfect for elevating your home's style. Indulge in the elegance of these truly timeless furniture pieces, exuding both natural beauty and contemporary charm. Whether you desire a simple grey armchair or a luxurious grey bench, we have the perfect piece to enhance any space. Shop the collection today!

At Voyage Maison, we take immense pride in the exceptional quality of our grey furniture. Crafted with attention to detail, each piece embodies durability and longevity, ensuring your investment stands the test of time. We also understand the importance of personalising your living space, which is why we skilfully incorporate classic country and floral prints into our grey furniture designs. These timeless patterns add a touch of elegance and charm to your home, creating a fusion of modern sophistication and traditional aesthetics. Experience the perfect blend of quality craftsmanship and captivating prints with our remarkable grey furniture collection.

Grey Furniture


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Grey Furniture at Voyage Maison

Grey is a neutral colour that can range from light and subtle tones, such as dove grey and silver, to deeper and more dramatic shades like charcoal or slate. Our collection of grey furniture has a range of shades, styles, and designs to choose from. Explore grey chairs, benches, stools, and more and find the perfect piece to finish your space.

How to Choose Grey Furniture

Choosing grey furniture for your home is the perfect way to add a touch of sophistication while maintaining a versatile interior. Selecting the right grey pieces for your space involves thoughtful consideration of functionality, style, and ambience.

Firstly, it’s important to consider the existing colour palette of your space. Thankfully, grey effortlessly complements a range of hues, making it an ideal choice for those with an eye for timeless elegance. Whether your interiors boast vibrant accents or neutral tones, grey furniture seamlessly integrates into your home, making it a versatile choice. From subtle dove grey to deep charcoal, our collection of grey furniture offers a variety of options. Choose the shade that resonates with your style.

If you’re looking for upholstered furniture, you want to make sure you choose a piece that exudes both comfort and opulence. Our grey chairs, footstools, and benches are not only crafted with precision but also offer a tactile experience that complements their visual appeal, each upholstered in soft linen.

In essence, choosing grey furniture is about curating a space that mirrors your interior style and personality, each piece should contribute something to the overall finish of your home. For more tips and tricks on choosing grey furniture, explore our furniture measuring guide and our armchair buying guide.

How to Style Grey Furniture

How you style the grey furniture in your home can really enhance the allure and overall finish of your space, whether in a traditional or modern setting. The key is in paring your grey furniture pieces with home accessories and soft furnishings that complement or contrast.

In a traditional setting, it’s all about weaving together classic elements with the timeless charm of grey tones. Complement grey furniture with a warm colour palette. Soft furnishings like cushions and throws in muted tones of burgundy, deep greens, or warm neutrals can enhance the cosiness of the space. We love adding some interest with damask and floral patterns for a touch of traditional elegance. Dark wood accents complement grey tones beautifully. Consider pairing your grey furniture with coffee tables or side tables with dark oak stains and ornate detailing. There’s no better way to add warmth and a touch of traditional grandeur. 

Traditional style interiors often embrace symmetry, and this is particularly important when it comes to your furniture arrangement. Place matching grey chairs on either side of a fireplace or arrange furniture in pairs to create a sense of balance. Accessorise the space with artwork that reflects a sense of timelessness. Classic prints and framed canvases can be positioned strategically to enhance the traditional aesthetic of the space. By thoughtfully combining grey furniture with these traditional design elements, you can create a home that exudes timeless elegance and comfort.

If you prefer a modern style and have a penchant for the bold, then contrast is key! For a bolder setting, embrace contrasting colours to make the grey furniture stand out. Consider pairing a vibrant, jewel-toned accent wall with grey upholstered pieces and introduce bold patterns through cushions and curtains to create a dynamic visual impact. Experiment with different styles and patterns. A mix of traditional and contemporary pieces can add character to the space while striking maximalist or floral patterns can inject energy into the room. For an eclectic finish, consider incorporating accessories like unique glass vases, wooden sculptures, and statement lighting fixtures. All these elements help to break the monotony of grey and contribute to a vibrant, bolder aesthetic.

Whether you lean towards a classic or bold finish, our range of grey furniture, soft furnishings, and accessories provides the perfect pieces to create a space that reflects your distinctive style. Let grey becomes a versatile backdrop for your interior design.

Why Choose Grey Furniture from Voyage Maison

At Voyage Maison, our furniture collection offers a distinctive blend of luxury, quality craftsmanship, and a refined aesthetic. We take pride in crafting furniture of the highest quality. Each piece is meticulously designed and constructed, ensuring durability and longevity. This commitment to quality extends not only to our grey furniture but across our entire range of chairs, footstools, benches, and more. We offer a diverse range of grey furniture styles, catering to various preferences. Whether you lean more towards modern simplicity, traditional opulence, or a bold and eclectic mix, you'll find pieces that effortlessly align with your vision. 

Ultimately, when you choose grey furniture from Voyage Maison you get more than just a product, you get a curated experience. You can infuse your space with a sense of luxury, express your unique style and build a home filled with designer homeware that speaks to the heart of quality living.