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Indulge in the luxury of underfoot opulence with our captivating collection of rugs at Voyage Maison. Elevate your space with the soft, warm embrace of our show-stopping area rugs, each a masterpiece of style and comfort. Suitable for outdoors and indoors, our collection features an array of signature designs, ranging from intricate florals to wildlife and country motifs, each crafted to make a statement. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor rug for summer gatherings or an indoor rug for an artistic flair in your home, our collection has the perfect piece for you.

Choose from a selection of super-soft rugs crafted from only the finest quality material, ensuring that our rugs not only enhance your style but also offer a premium finish. Our range extends from practical kitchen rugs, effortlessly machine-washable for convenience, to vibrant living room rugs bursting with personality. Each rug in this exciting collection is a testament to the fusion of artistry and functionality, providing you with the perfect match for your unique needs.

Rugs at Voyage Maison

Transform your space with the allure of our exquisite rug collection, where each piece is a masterpiece of quality, luxury, and artistry. Elevate your interiors effortlessly with signature Voyage prints and hues that complement various styles, meticulously crafted to tie together every element of your room.

For outdoor elegance, our rugs are not just a visual delight but also resistant to water and UV rays. This means you can enjoy the sunny seasons without worrying about the unpredictable British weather. Our soft cotton and machine-washable polyester rugs are easy to maintain too, so even with the odd inevitable accident, it’s easy to keep them looking new!

How to Use & Style Rugs

Our incredible offering at Voyage Maison allows you to enhance the allure of both indoor and outdoor spaces. Indoors, transform your living spaces with our kitchen and living room rugs, each meticulously designed to elevate the aesthetic and comfort of your home. In the kitchen, opt for a rug that not only complements your home decor but also provides a practical solution, whether it's a vibrant burst of colour or a muted neutral tone. In the living room, our rugs become the focal point, infusing warmth and personality into the heart of your home.

In the summertime, enjoy afternoons and evenings lounging in the garden with our versatile outdoor rugs, ideal for picnics and family gatherings. Crafted to withstand the elements, these rugs marry durability with style, creating a luxurious yet practical foundation for your alfresco activities. Choose from an array of designs, from playful florals to nature-inspired motifs, ensuring your outdoor space is as inviting as your interiors. For a comfortable finishing touch, why not pair your outdoor rug with a selection of our outdoor cushions

How to Clean a Rug

We know that accidents are bound to happen, so whether you’ve had an unfortunate spill or are keeping on top of your regular chores, it’s important you know how to clean your rug properly. With weekly vacuuming and a deep clean two to three times a year, you'll keep your rug in pristine condition, free from dirt, grime, and allergens.

Begin the cleaning process by removing loose dirt and debris. A gentle shake outdoors followed by a thorough hoover on both sides is a great start. If you find your rug is in need of a more thorough clean, you may be able to machine wash it or clean it by hand. It’s important to always check the care label before considering machine washing, as many rugs may not be suitable.

Check how to clean your rug by looking at the care instructions on the label. This label should also list the best washing temperature. Whether you’re machine washing your rug or washing it by hand it’s important to use the correct cleaning solution. Opt for a high-quality rug cleaner or dilute a small amount of mild dish soap in a bucket of water for effective cleaning. When washing by hand, use cool or warm water, avoiding hot water to preserve the fibres of the rug. You should always patch-test the diluted solution on a small, hidden area of your rug before committing to washing it in its entirety. If colours run or fade, you may need to further dilute the cleaning solution. Once confident in its safety, work the solution into the rug with a clean sponge, cloth, or soft-bristle brush and allow the solution to sit for five to ten minutes.

Once your rug is clean, rinse it with clean water and let it dry naturally on a line or lay it flat out on the ground. A final vacuum once dry will ensure that your rug is fluffed up nicely, maintaining its luxurious finish. 

Whether you're seeking the perfect rug to grace your living room, infuse personality into your kitchen, or create a luxurious outdoor haven, our collection has the perfect design for you. Explore a range of outdoor rugs, kitchen rugs, and living room rugs, each boasting an artistic design and a premium finish. Our rugs at Voyage Maison are more than just an accessory, they’re statement pieces that have the ability to transform your space.