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Green Fabric

Get ready to infuse your space with the refreshing energy of green with our designer fabric selection. From soothing plain fabrics to luxurious printed options, we offer a variety of green fabrics to suit your unique taste. Create a calming ambience with trending sage green fabric, add a delicate touch with light green fabric, or opt for a moodier dark green fabric for real elegance. With a variety of styles and shades, you can let your imagination run wild. Find the perfect green fabric for your next textile project and order your free samples today!

Whether you wish to create statement curtains, plush cushions, or captivating home furnishings, our green fabric allows you to do it in style. For a regal flair opt for green velvet fabric, or for a calming ambience go for florals on breathable cotton. At Voyage Maison, we really do have something for everyone. Discover the power of green and embrace its enchanting allure with our remarkable green fabrics. It's time to create a space that breathes life and invigorates the senses.

Green Fabric


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Green Fabric at Voyage Maison

Step into the world of lush greens with our premium fabric collection at Voyage Maison. Crafted with utmost precision, our green fabrics come in a variety of materials, including the finest cottons, luxurious linens, and impeccable blends as well as our stand-out green velvet fabric. 

Available in a rich spectrum of shades, you can indulge in soothing light green fabric, deep dark green fabric, and trending sage green fabric. Our collection boasts a meticulous selection, offering a touch of opulence and comfort that complements your personal style. 

Whether adorning your windows with flowing curtains, dressing your furniture in sumptuous soft furnishings, or embarking on creative craft projects, our green fabric collection is versatile enough to bring your vision to life.

How to Choose & Style Green Fabric

Selecting and styling green fabrics for your home is an art that can completely transform your space, and at Voyage Maison, we are here to guide you through the process whether you’re looking to create timeless interiors or stay on trend. 

With such a variety of shades on offer, from light pastels to deep emeralds, it’s important to note that each will offer a distinct personality to your living space. Whether you opt for light green elegance or dark green sophistication, you’ll find that your interior is completely transformed. 

Light Green Fabric

For an airy and refreshing ambience, opt for light green fabrics. These fabrics bring a sense of tranquillity, making them ideal for curtains in living rooms or bedrooms. Light green floral fabrics exude a delicate charm, while cotton blend fabrics lend a casual yet sophisticated touch to your home.

Dark Green Fabric

Infuse your interiors with a touch of opulence by embracing dark green fabrics. Ideal for creating a cosy and intimate atmosphere, these fabrics shine in spaces like studies or bedrooms. Consider dark green velvet fabric for upholstery and curtains, adding a touch of luxury, particularly in jewel tones of emerald for a truly regal finish. 

Sage Green Fabric

The colour of the moment, sage green fabrics bring a harmonious and calming presence to your interiors. Perfect for soft furnishings like cushions and throws, sage green complements a variety of design styles. Blend it with neutral tones for a serene and contemporary look, or pair it with wooden accents for a country-inspired feel.

At Voyage Maison, our collection extends beyond basic greens. Renowned for our print design and signature watercolour style, you can dive into the world of green floral fabrics and country fabrics that add a touch of nature’s beauty. Explore rustic patterns of thistles and wildlife and seamlessly integrate them into classic or farmhouse-inspired interiors. If you prefer a bolder finish, go for maximalist or abstract fabrics that really make a statement. Or, if you desire a glamorous space, our green velvet fabrics offer extravagance.

Still unsure about which fabric is best for your next interior project? Explore our Fabric Buying Guide and discover a treasure trove of insights and tips curated to make your selection process seamless and enjoyable. 

Elevate your home with the timeless allure of green fabric today and order up to 10 free samples. Your voyage into the world of luxury interiors begins here.