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Wallpaper Measurement Guide: How to Measure for Extra-Wide Wallpaper

how to measure for extra wide wallpaper

Transforming your living space with extra-wide wallpaper is an exciting endeavour, but we understand it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together an expert guide on how to measure for wallpaper. It’s crucial that you start by getting accurate measurements as this ensures a flawless finish. Use our guide to measure your space and calculate the perfect amount of wide width wallpaper for a luxurious and impeccably finished look.

Measuring the Room

When measuring for wallpaper, you’ll need to have a tape measure, pencil, and our wide-width wallpaper calculator to hand, you can find this featured on any wallpaper product page. To achieve precise measurements, follow these steps:

Measuring the Drop for Wallpaper

Measure the Wall’s Height

Start by measuring the height of each wall you plan to cover. Ensure accuracy by measuring from the floor to the ceiling at multiple points and note the highest measurement down in metres or feet.

Measuring the Width for Wallpaper

Measure the Wall’s Width

When measuring the width of the wall, you should go from corner to corner. It’s important to consider any doors, windows, or other openings. We always suggest including any obstructions in your measurement to ensure patterns still match across each section. Sarah McCann, Design & Development Manager at Voyage Maison explains ‘although it seems counterintuitive, including any obstructions like doors or windows in your measurements ensures that patterns will match across each drop, it’s always better to have too much than not enough’. If you're planning to cover the entire wall, measure the full width. If you're only covering part of the wall (e.g., creating a feature wall), measure the width of that section. Note down this measurement in metres or feet again.

Calculating How Much Wallpaper You Need
how much wallpaper do I need

The Wallpaper Calculator

Now that you have both the height and width of the walls you want to cover, it’s time to convert it to the required number of meters of extra-wide wallpaper. If you’re not sure how to measure how much wallpaper you need, not to worry! Our user-friendly wallpaper calculator will simplify this process. Simply enter your measurements into the calculator on the product page and we’ll take care of the rest! Our calculator not only considers your measurements, but it also factors in the width of our extra-wide wallpaper as well as pattern repeats for each design. It ensures we supply you with the exact amount of wallpaper you require with an extra 10% to cover any wastage.

Width of extra wide wallpaper

Width of Our Extra-Wide Wallpaper

Our extra-wide wallpaper boasts a generous width of 140cm, minimising joins for a seamless and luxurious look. Fewer joints in your wallpaper mean less work for you or your chosen decorator. With fewer cut pieces of wallpaper to hang, the installation process becomes much more efficient. This not only saves you time but also ensures a professional finish, creating an overall better experience for anyone involved in the decorating process.

extra wide wallpaper pattern repeats

Pattern Repeats

Each of our wallpaper designs has a specific pattern repeat. This repeat varies across our range of wide width wallpaper but will never go over 100cm in height or 140cm in width. Our talented team of designers ensure that each wallpaper is repeated beautifully to show every little detail in our artwork. By using our wallpaper calculator, your measurements and order will factor in the pattern match of your chosen design to ensure a cohesive and visually appealing result.

Now armed with accurate measurements and expert advice on how to hang wallpaper, you're ready to order your wide-width wallpaper confidently. This wallpaper measuring guide, paired with our hanging guide, ensures your wallpapering project is a smooth and enjoyable experience, resulting in a home that radiates sophistication and style.

Our commitment to providing a seamless experience extends beyond measurement. Explore our comprehensive guide on how to choose wallpaper and find a design that will elevate your living space. Your dream of a beautifully transformed interior is just a wallpaper away. Happy decorating!

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