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How to Use Fabric Samples

rolls of fabric samples next to eachother

Pondering exactly what material you need for your new project can be a task in itself, whether it’s made to measure curtains or your latest upholstery task, our free fabric samples can be utilised in an abundance of ways to ensure your craft journey is as seamless as possible. To get the most out of your fabric purchase, samples are there to guide and allow you to experiment with various prints and patterns before committing to a meter-long investment.

What is a Fabric Sample?

Fabric samples are a small “swatch” of your desired fabric, and they are available for free here at Voyage Maison. They are extremely useful if you either can’t decide which print to choose, or if you simply want to experiment with various textures before settling for your perfect purchase.

Fabrics can drastically vary in texture, weight and colour, so we always suggest sampling your fabric as it may seem different to what you had in mind. Images sometimes aren’t enough when it comes to luscious velvets or textured prints – your fabric sample can truly encapsulate exactly what you’re in for when committing to said material.

How Big is a Fabric Sample?

Our standard size for fabric samples can vary to provide you with the best possible idea of what your chosen fabric and pattern will look like, but they are usually around 14x14cm, which gives you enough surface area to really conclude whether the fabric is what you had envisioned. In general, fabric samples can range between 10x10cm to 20x20cm for larger prints, so it’s best to check with each fabric provider for an accurate dimension.

What to Expect with Fabric Samples at Voyage Maison

Our fabric sample system has been curated to guide you through our beautiful array of fabrics and ensure that you make the correct decision. Our fabric samples give you the best representation possible of what your made to measure curtains or blinds will look and feel like, or if you’re choosing to purchase fabric by the metre, this swatch will provide you with everything you need to know about your potential project.

We have a quick and efficient turnaround for fabric samples as we understand that you’ll be keen to get started, and they are posted in our compact Voyage Maison boxes or envelopes that will fit through the average letterbox. 

Samples may slightly vary in size, depending on what print and fabric you have chosen – this is to give you the full picture and ensure that none of your fabrics have been cropped to an extent where you won’t see the full beauty of our handcrafted designs. 

If the fabric you’re looking for has an ‘Out of Stock’ sample, we will try our best to replenish it, so please check back frequently for any updates. If you have any other questions regarding samples, visit our FAQ page or contact us directly.

How to Get Free Fabric Samples from Voyage Maison

We believe in simplifying the buying process as much as possible, ensuring that you’re happy with your purchase and don’t feel confused by which fabric to opt for. That’s why our fabric samples are free!

To add a sample to your basket, simply select the fabric you’d like to try, and find the ‘Add FREE Sample’ button, which will then add the sample to your basket and allow you to checkout. For the indecisive interior enthusiasts, you can add up to 10 fabric samples to your basket, which is plenty to choose from when embarking on your DIY fabric journey.

How to Utilise Fabric Samples

Unsure of what to do once you’ve received your fabric samples? Whether you’re thinking of creating your own upholstery masterpiece, taking your fabric to be made into soft furnishings or looking to test prints and patterns before ordering our made to measure curtains and blinds, there are plenty of options to experiment with and keep in mind when it comes to fabric samples.

Decide on Colour

Colour plays a large factor in the look of your interior, therefore, if you stick to a strict theme that weaves throughout your interiors, hold your fabric swatch to the main components, this could include your sofa if the fabric is settling in the living room, or your bed if the fabric is for your bedroom. Don’t forget to test the fabric swatches with your carpet or floors, judging which tones and hues pair perfectly. Lighting can heavily impact fabrics, so if your room is dimly lit, you may want to experiment in direct sunlight, with the “big lights” on, and in a more ambient atmosphere to get the best idea of what your fabric will look like in all settings.

Test Texture

From luscious velvets to soft printed cotton and woven wool, each texture comes with its own exceptional qualities and quirks. Some fabrics such as cotton may feel gentle and soft yet durable, while velvet fabrics will feel rich and drape well, creating a truly luxe appearance in any room.  Depending on what your interior style is, you may want to layer textures for a classic country feel, or stick to simplicity for a minimalist luxe approach.

The texture of your fabric can also have a direct impact on the weight of your chosen fabric. When it comes to fabric for made to measure curtains, you may want to think about the different heading types available and how they’ll look once they have been hung up. Thick fabrics like chenille may not drape well due to their thickness, while on the other hand, velvet and cotton fabrics are great for made to measure curtains due to their adaptability.

Pattern & Print

For those looking to experiment with floral motifs and stunning murals, our floral, country and coastal printed fabrics are a great starting point. Immerse yourself in nature with woodland designs that bring the essence of the natural world into your home, or opt for a delicate British countryside floral fabric that showcases an enchanting variety of nature’s finest blooms.

We understand that pattern isn’t for everyone, so our fabrics are also available in a variety of plain and textured options, for the truly minimalist spaces.

Our printed fabrics have all been lovingly designed in the UK, by our talented team at Voyage Maison. Our designs tell a story, allowing you to unleash your imagination and bring your design dreams to life with our stunning collection of fabric.

What to Do With Fabric Samples After Testing
5 rolls of maximalist printed fabrics pile of fabric swatches in various prints and colours

Now that you’ve exhausted every fabric option and have settled for the perfect print that exquisitely complements your current interior vision, it’s time to get even more creative, as that shouldn’t be the end of your swatches’ lifespan.

Fabric samples shouldn’t go to waste, as there’s a multitude of things you can do with them once your testing phase is finished.

Scrap Fabric Projects

Apply your new interior design knowledge to craftwork and use your fabric samples to bring any small crafty project to life. Whether it’s making a patchwork quilt from your fabric samples alongside any other fabric remnants from previous projects, using them in scrapbooks, sewing them onto your favourite pair of jeans for a spruce up or anything in between, fabric swatches can be a fun DIY project for all ages. They can also be a great activity for little ones who like arts and crafts, cutting and sticking various fabrics to create their own masterpiece.

We have a full guide on What to Make With Fabric Remnants if you're interested in getting crafty.

Upcycling Fabric Scraps

There are multiple ways of upcycling fabric scraps that won’t be too much of a challenge. The opportunities are endless when it comes to fabric swatches if paired with some handy fabric glue, creating the perfect equation for a crafty Sunday evening.

If you’d rather not dabble in DIY, you can gift your fabric swatches to those who love upholstery projects. The arts and crafts lovers, sewing fanatics or crochet advocates in your close circle will be delighted when gifted quality fabrics such as those available at Voyage Maison.

When it comes to fabrics, we always recommend ordering a couple of fabric samples that caught your eye before committing to a metre-long order. You can choose from various high-quality fabrics, whether it’s our signature stunning floral motifs that are bound to make an impact, or coastal designs that form your interiors into a dreamy oasis. Our fabric samples are free and are always advised when deciding on your ideal made to measure curtain or blinds fabric. Shop our wonderful fabrics today, and don’t forget to add a sample to your basket before checkout!