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What to Make with Scraps of Fabric

What to Make with Scraps of Fabric

In a world that often leans towards mass production, there's something truly special about embracing the charm of handmade creations. Voyage Maison understands the allure of quality fabrics, and what better way to extend their beauty than by exploring the art of repurposing fabric scraps and remnants? If you’re unsure what to make with scraps of fabric, then not to worry! In this guide, we discuss 9 creative ways to repurpose fabric scraps and fabric remnants in your DIY projects. 

The Benefits of Using Remnants
Fabric Remnants

At Voyage Maison, we not only appreciate the beauty of fabrics and design, but we recognise the importance of sustainable choices which is why we proudly offer a selection of fabric remnants. These fabric cut-offs can be used in a variety of DIY projects including for the use of soft furnishings, upholstery, crafts, and more! At an incredibly low cost, they offer inherent value not only to you but to the environment.

Did you know that the Journal of Art and Design estimates that "up to 95% of the textile waste that is land-filled or incinerated every year could be recycled"? This staggering statistic emphasises the potential impact you can have by simply choosing fabric remnants. By opting for these remnants, you actively participate in reducing textile waste and promoting a more sustainable future.

Furthermore, reports "10-15% of all fabric used for textiles and garment production is wasted during the cutting process." This wastage is not just material but also an opportunity lost. At Voyage Maison, we believe in transforming these opportunities, offering you a chance to turn our remnants into exquisite creations. 

An extremely cost-effective approach, crafting with remnants also provides a personalised experience, turning the creation process into a fun DIY activity for friends and family alike. When you choose fabric from us, it's not just about reducing waste; it's a conscious choice that carries a touch of elegance thanks to our unique prints and designs. We invite you to explore our fabric remnants today and make a difference, one fabric scrap at a time.

Scrap Fabric Projects
Scrap Fabric Projects

Whether you’re using fabric scraps from previous projects, or have sourced cut-offs from our fabric remnants collection, there are a variety of scrap fabric projects you can consider. Let's dive into the exciting realm of DIY projects that not only showcase your creativity but also contribute to a sustainable lifestyle.

Fabric Remnants that can be used to make baby bibs

Baby Bibs

Delicate, charming, and oh-so-functional – crafting baby bibs from fabric scraps is a heart warming endeavour. If you’re unsure how to use scrap fabric to create them, don’t worry! Turning those remnants into adorable and practical accessories for the little ones is super simple.

First, you’ll need to source a fabric bib pattern which can be found easily online. Simply print off your chosen pattern and cut it out to give yourself a stencil you can then use to trace onto your fabric. Once you have traced the shape onto your chosen fabric, you should cut around the edges until you’re left with your bib. Sew on a thin fabric trim in a contrasting print or colour to create your edge. Remember to leave enough fabric to create a tie on the ends, or if you prefer, sew on Velcro or buttons to fasten the bib.

Using Scrap Fabric to Make Framed Fabric Prints

Framed Fabric Prints

A super easy and quick scrap fabric project, framed fabric prints elevate your home décor with a touch of sophistication. If you’re not sure what to make with scrap fabrics that are smaller, then this is the perfect DIY craft for you as even the smallest fabric piece can be transformed into framed masterpieces.

Simply choose your favourite scrap fabric or remnant and place it in a frame, making sure all the sides are secured tightly to create instant artwork at a fraction of the cost. These work particularly well with our country fabrics and floral fabrics, adding a unique and personalised touch to your interiors. Craft the perfect gift or decorate your own home with this super simple framed prints project!

Fabric Remnants used to Create Fabric Napkins

Fabric Napkins

Enhance your dining experience by crafting stylish fabric napkins from your leftover fabric scraps. This is a great way to personalise your tablescape and allows you to choose the colour, style, print, and size of your napkins to make sure they complement your space. Ideal if you’ve been unable to find napkins in a complementary style elsewhere! 

Taking your scrap fabric or remnants, simply cut generous square pieces of fabric, allowing for a 1cm fold along each edge. Once you have your stack of squares, fold all the edges in and iron them flat – this will help when it comes to sewing. With a simple running stitch, neatly sew along the edge of every fold to create a napkin which won’t fray. Don’t be afraid to try a combination of prints and patterns - we feel this provides a lovely, personalised touch for dinner parties.

How to Use Scrap Fabric to Make Cushion Covers

Cushion Covers

Nothing adds a cosy touch to your living space like custom-made cushion covers. These allow you to choose the colour, design, and size you like to create the perfect cushion to suit your space. Unleash your creativity by repurposing fabric scraps into stylish cushion covers that perfectly complement your décor. 

First, you’ll need to measure the width and length of your cushion insert, making sure not to flatten it when measuring. Add 2 extra inches for each side of the cushion, this means an extra 4 inches to the width and an extra 4 inches to the height. Using your measurements, draw two squares onto the underside of your fabric remnant and cut these out. Once you have your two square pieces of fabric, you’ll want to sew the undersides together leaving a 2-inch gap all the way around, leaving one side unsewn to allow you to insert your cushion. Turn the fabric inside out so the print is revealed on the outside and insert your cushion. Simply and sew along the top edge (fold the overhand in on itself) to complete your cushion.

How to Use Fabric to Cover Notebooks and Scrapbooks

Notebooks & Scrapbooks

Take a moment to envision your favourite notebook or scrapbook adorned with a touch of luxury, courtesy of your carefully chosen fabric remnants. This simple yet creative endeavour allows you to infuse your personal style into everyday items, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

To cover your notebook or scrapbook, open it and place it down in the centre of your fabric scrap, ensuring there is around 4 inches of fabric on the left and right hand edges, with around an inch on the top and bottom sides. Cut a line in the fabric next to the spine of the book to ensure the fabric easily folds onto the front and back cover of the notebook and then you can begin to fold the fabric over. Fold the fabric in and glue along the folds, doing one side at a time to ensure the glue doesn’t leak and the pages don’t stick together. But the creativity doesn't stop there! Consider incorporating fabric scraps directly into the pages of your scrapbook. Whether as borders, pockets, or intricate cutouts, these remnants can add a tactile and visually appealing finish to your cherished memories and photographs.

A Mix of Fabric Remnants to Make a Patchwork Quilt

Patchwork Quilts

If you’re unsure what make with small scraps of fabric, a patchwork quilt could be the perfect DIY project for you! Unleash your creativity by combining different patterns and textures into a tapestry of memories. Each quilt becomes a unique masterpiece, weaving together stories and warmth to enhance the comfort of your home.

Start by gathering all your fabric scraps and sorting them by colour or design, this helps when it comes to matching squares together, but it’s important not to overthink this process too much! Using a sewing machine, you can begin to join a couple of pieces together, iron your seams open, cut it up and join them again. Repeat this process until it’s as ‘patchworky’ as you’d like. We recommend loading your sewing machine with grey thread and keeping your stitches pretty small as this will work well with most fabric colours. Why not use your new patchwork throughout your other DIY projects too?

Scrap Fabric for Making Hair Bows and Scrunchies

Hair Bows & Scrunchies

One of our favourite scrap fabric projects, you can easily elevate your style with eco-conscious chic by crafting scrunchies and hair bows from leftover fabric. Mix and match colours and patterns to add a personalised touch to your accessories.

To make bows from fabric scraps, you’ll require a strip of fabric around 12 inches long and 2 inches wide. Take this strip and fold it in half with both edges meeting. Sew along this long edge, leaving the ends open. Once it’s sewed together, turn the fabric inside out and tie it into a bow, adjusting the size as desired. Trim any excess fabric and secure the bow in place with a few stiches or some glue, attaching a hair clip or hair tie to the back.

For scrunchies, the process is similar. This time you’ll require a strip of fabric around 18 inches long and 3 inches wide. Take this strip and fold it in half lengthwise with both edges meeting. Sew along this long edge to create a fabric tube and turn this inside out. Once you have this tube of fabric, you can then thread through and elastic and tie the ends of the fabric together. Adjust the fabric to cover the elastic fully and stitch the ends closed for the perfect DIY scrunchie!

Scrap Fabric to Make Bookmarks

Fabric Bookmarks 

Another quick and easy crafts project for using your fabric scraps, bookmarks are super simple to make. Give your reading experience a touch of handmade charm by crafting fabric bookmarks from leftover scraps, fabric remnants, and cut-offs from your other projects. These whimsical creations not only mark your literary adventures but also serve as delightful reminders of your creativity. Dive into the world of DIY bookmarks and infuse your love for literature with a personal touch.

Begin by using two scrap fabric pieces, each measuring 2 1/2 inches wide by 8 or 9 inches long - you may need to trim these to size. At this point you have the option to use interfacing fabric cut to the same size to add stability to the finished product. Once you have all your layer, stack them together and sew around three sides of the bookmark, leaving one short side open. Trim the corners diagonally to reduce bulk, then turn the bookmark right side out so you can see the print then fold and press the raw edge on the open side inward by about half an inch. If you like, at this stage you can add a tassel before completing the bookmark by edge stitching around the entire perimeter. Once everything is secure, your DIY fabric bookmark is ready to use for your next read or gift to the bookworm in your life.

A Basket of Fabric Trims and Scraps to be Repurposed as Stuffing in DIY Projects

Using Scrap Fabric for Stuffing

If you find yourself with a load of awkwardly small fabric pieces or trims and aren’t sure what to make with scraps of fabric that size or shape, all is not lost! Contribute to a sustainable lifestyle by using scrap fabric for stuffing in your projects. From plush cushions to huggable soft toys and even draught excluders, repurposing remnants for stuffing ensures that every creation carries a touch of eco-conscious comfort. Join Voyage Maison in making sustainability a core element of your crafting journey, one soft embrace at a time.

Start by gathering leftover fabric scraps and use a rotary cutter to shred them into smaller, more manageable strips. This method not only maximises the use of every scrap but also creates a versatile and sustainable filling for cushions, toys, or other soft furnishings. Once shredded, simply stuff the fabric strips into your project, adjusting the quantity to achieve the desired level of fullness.

As we've explored the art of making the most of fabric scraps and remnants, it's evident that creativity knows no bounds. Embrace the beauty of repurposing with Voyage Maison, where quality meets craftsmanship. For more ideas and tips on what to make with scrap fabric, see how lifestyle and crafts blogger Paige Joanna used our fabric remnants for her scrap-busting project. View her YouTube video here and discover more about how to make some of our suggestions above with her handy tutorial. Start your journey into DIY wonders, reduce wastage, and add a touch of personalised luxury to your home. Your fabric remnants have the potential to become treasures – let the crafting adventure begin!