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Bed Cushions

Invite comfort and style into your bedroom with our wonderful collection of bed cushions. Available in a selection of classic designs, shapes, sizes, and colours, discover the perfect cushion for your bed here at Voyage Maison. Explore a range of plain and textured designs as well as decorative bed cushions featuring fun florals, our signature country prints and so much more! With hundreds of options to choose from, we can guarantee you'll find the perfect bed cushions to finish off your bedroom in style.

At Voyage Maison, we specialise in luxury soft furnishings and our cushions are no different! All our bed cushions are designed here in the UK and filled with our plush duck feather or wool inner for the utmost comfort and quality. You’ll find an array of rich textures, luxury fabrics, and designer finishes including piped and pom-pom trims, as well as luxe velvets. Explore a delightful collection of small and large bed cushions and find the perfect piece to complete your dream bedscape!

Bed Cushions


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showing 52 of 684

Bed Cushions at Voyage Maison

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary, so when it comes to creating a warm, comfy space don't just settle for pillows when you can add plush bed cushions for a dreamy finish! Here at Voyage Maison, our bed cushions won't only encourage comfort, but they create an inviting and stylish finish too by introducing texture, colour, and character to your space. Finding the right cushions for a bed makes all the difference, which is why we offer an array of small and large bed cushions in a variety of shapes and designs.

If your bedroom is needing a little love, bed cushions are the perfect addition to create a space you'll never want to leave. Choose from a range of decorative bed cushions in both neutral and bold finishes and express your style. Available in a range of textured and patterned designs, we have the perfect cushions to complement your bedroom décor. Choose from classic country florals, luxe velvets, abstract prints and so much more. Find colours including sage green, delicate blues and modern greys.

A selection of our bed cushions have a stylish reverse, with contrasting colours, textures and designs which gives you the option to change up your style whenever you feel like it. How you style your bed cushions and your chosen cushion arrangement can also help you switch up your bed-scape.

How to Style Cushions on a Bed

If you’re not sure how best to style cushion on a bed, the good news is that there isn’t really a wrong answer! Think about your existing interior, if you have a theme or colour palette, you’ll want to either complement this with your bed cushions or contrast against it.

For an opulent touch, pair large bed cushions with your sumptuous bed linen – think rich textures and muted tones. Embrace the essence of sophistication by coordinating smaller scatter cushions in complementary hues, adding depth and visual intrigue. Experiment with on-trend colour combinations like calming blues and earthy neutrals or embrace the warmth of blush tones with metallic accents. For a truly inviting finish, why not incorporate other soft furnishings alongside your bed cushions? Try draping a throw casually at the foot of the bed, adding more texture and inviting you to relax. Let your imagination run wild as you blend textures and tones, transforming your bed into a luxurious retreat and improving your sleep quality at the same time.

How to Arrange Cushions on a Bed

There’s nothing more satisfying than coming home to a freshly made bed and knowing how to arrange cushions on your bed will make you want to dive in instantly. How you arrange your bed cushions really can make all the difference and it’s important to remember there is a fine line between your bed looking too busy or empty. We recommend mixing and matching small statement cushions with larger plain cushions, propping your statement cushions at the front and large cushions at the back with your pillows behind them. Adding in different shapes, sizes and textures can help you get that designer finish. For that extra special touch, why not pair your bed cushions with one of our bed throws for extra texture and comfort?

Redefine your bedroom experience with Voyage Maison's premium bed cushions – because every night should feel like a retreat in the lap of opulence. Discover the epitome of comfort and style and find the perfect cushions for your bed.