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How to Measure for Blinds

How to Measure for Blinds

Transforming your home with the perfect blinds begins with accurate measurements. Whether you're aiming for a snug recess fit or an exact fit, our guide on how to measure windows for blinds will ensure you get it right the first time. At Voyage Maison, we understand that precision matters, especially when it comes to elevating your living space. 

Recess Fit vs. Exact Fit

Before we discuss how to measure for blinds it’s important to first consider where your blind will be fitted. First, you should identify if your window has a recess. The recess is the inset or indented area around the window frame between the inside of the wall and the glass itself. Once you have identified what type of window you’re dealing with, you need to decide whether you want your blinds to be an exact fit or recess fit. Let's explore the distinctive features of each to help you make an informed choice.

Recess Fit

If you want to fit your blind to fit inside the window recess, then you must measure the recess. This involves measuring wall to wall, taking a width and drop measurement. We then take measurements and make any relevant adjustments to ensure your blind fits perfectly within your recess. Recess fit blinds offer a streamlined look and are suitable for smaller spaces. As they fit within the window recess, you may find that a small amount of light is able to filter into the room at the edge of the blinds.

Exact Fit

If you want your blind to fit outside the window recess then you must take an exact measurement. This involves taking a width and drop measurement which should extend beyond the window facia. Exact fitting blinds overlap on all sides meaning they block more light as there are no gaps at the edge of the fabric, it’s ideal for larger windows. Because exact fit blinds require a little more space to be installed, they might not be suitable for smaller rooms.

How to Measure for Roman Blinds

Learn how to measure for Roman blinds by following our step by step guides. Whether you're measuring to fit your roman blinds within the recess or outside the recess(exact), we've covered every need-to-know detail below. Let's start with the tools you'll require.

What You’ll Need

A Measuring Tape – we recommend a metal measuring tape for accuracy, especially if you are measuring by yourself. 

Pen & Paper or a Phone – you’ll need somewhere to note down your measurements.

How to Measure Blinds for Recess Fit
How to Measure Blinds for Recess Fit

If you want your blinds to hang inside the window recess, you must measure the width and height going from wall to wall. To ensure the best fit, we recommend measuring in three places for both width and height. For the width, measure from left to right along the top, middle, and bottom of the window. Note down the shortest measurement. For the drop, measure from the top wall of the recess to the windowsill. Again, note down the shortest measurement for your drop. Using the shortest measurements for both your width and drop allow the blind to fit perfectly, even if your window is slightly uneven.

Please Note: Do not make any deductions yourself, we will make all required adjustments regarding headrails and mechanisms to ensure your blind fits perfectly within your recess. This usually involves an adjustment of 1cm.

How to Measure Blinds for an Exact Fit
How to Measure Blinds for Exact Fit

If you want your blinds to fit outside the window recess or window facia then you’ll need to measure the exact area you want the blind to cover. For your width measurement, measure from left to right across the window. We recommend adding at least 7.5cm on each side to block any sunlight escaping through gaps. For your drop, start at the top of the window facia and measure down to where you want the blind to hang when fully extended, again we recommend at least 7.5cm below the windowsill. This ensures the blind completely covers the window and recess. Your width and height measurements should be taken 3 times across different areas on the window, use the shortest measurement to ensure a perfect fit for your blinds.

Please Note: If you choose an exact measurement, the blind including the headrail will be made to the exact measurements you provide. If your windowsill protrudes more than 5cm it may obstruct the smooth operation of the blind. If this is the case it may need to stop at the sill level rather than dropping below.

How to Measure a Bay Window for Roman Blinds
How to Measure a Bay Window for Roman Blinds

If you're looking unsure about how to measure a bay window for roman blinds, we have you covered! This may require a little more effort than standard measuring for windows. This is because instead of one continuous window, bay windows are measured in panels. Start by measuring the width of each section of the bay window, including the space between each window panel. Next, measure the height of the window from the top to the bottom of each section, taking into account any obstructions such as window handles. It's crucial to measure both the width and height at multiple points to account for any irregularities in the window frame.

Additionally, consider whether you want the blinds to sit inside or outside the window recess and adjust your measurements, accordingly, adhering back to our guide on hanging blinds within or out with the recess. Once you have accurate measurements, you can confidently order custom Roman blinds that will enhance the beauty and functionality of your bay window space.

Tips & Tricks

Precision Matters: We always recommend double-checking your measurements to get the best fit. Taking the width and drop measurements 3 times across different areas of the windows is a great way to ensure accuracy.

Considerations: Make sure to account for any obstructions like handles or tiles when measuring for blinds. This may affect where you fit your blinds.

Explore our guide for more expert tips and tricks for Roman blinds.

How it works at Voyage Maison

Now you know how to measure for blinds, why not explore how made to measure works here at Voyage Maison? 

Made to Measure

At Voyage Maison, our made to measure service makes the process of measuring and ordering your new blinds seamless and simple. With an abundance of fabrics available, and our expert craftmanship, we tailor blinds to seamlessly fit your window, regardless of size! Our Roman blinds offer both style and practicality with a range of designs, styles, and linings available. We also offer a collection of made to measure curtains in matching designs to create a cohesive look in your interior. Explore our curtain buying guide for more information.

Elevate your living space with precision today with our made to measure blinds. Follow the steps above and learn how to measure for roman blinds and then simply enter the width and drop on the product page for an instant quote, and we'll take care of the rest. 

Fittings & Mechanisms

At Voyage Maison, we make your blinds to your exact specifications, from fabric choice and lining to the fixing option and mechanism position. Simply select your fixing option on the product page once you have entered your measurements. Choose recess if you've measured the recess and are fitting the blind outside the window facia, we will make any relevant adjustments. Choose exact if you'd like to fit the blind outside the window facia, we will make the blind to the exact measurements you've provided with no adjustments.

Once you’ve entered your measurements and chosen your fixing option, you will then need to choose a position for your fixings. Our Roman blinds are operated using a high-quality chrome chain mechanism for durability. The mechanism can be fixed to the left or right side of your blinds depending on your preference. It’s important to consider any obstructions when selecting your fixing position. Things like window handles, high worktops, and other access issues may mean one side is better than the other. Choose the side that is more convenient for you.

Child Safety

All Voyage Maison, Roman blinds conform to safety legislation and come with a built-in child safety device. Our child safety device allows you to wrap the loose cords away, keeping the blind secure and out of reach from any little ones or pets. Having a safety device is now a legal requirement in the UK even in homes without children, as little ones may visit you from time-to-time. 

We understand the importance of creating a luxurious, comfortable, and stylish home. Now that you know how to measure for window blinds, get started today by browsing our collection, ordering a free sample, or getting an instant quote online. With our made to measure blinds - it’s never been easier to elevate your interiors.