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7 Tips for Roman Blinds

blue floral blinds in white window

When indulging in new blinds, your home will get the ultimate makeover. However, to keep your blinds looking as fresh as possible and avoid any initial mishaps when accommodating them into your living space, it may be best to learn more about tips and tricks for blinds. Whether it’s the measuring process before ordering them or the best Roman blind hanging tips, our guide contains everything you need to know about your new blinds.

Tips on Measuring for Roman Blinds
blue aileana blinds measured for window

Before buying your new blinds, you must ensure that all of your measurements are as perfect as possible. This begins with deciding if you’d rather your blinds will be fitted within the recess or an exact fit. Measure accordingly using our highly informative guide on How to Measure for Blinds, which also has everything you need to know about their fittings and mechanisms.

Child Safety Precautions
blue boronan roman blinds with child safety

Every Voyage Maison Roman blind complies with safety regulations and includes an integrated child safety feature. Our innovative device allows you to neatly secure the loose cords, ensuring the blind remains safely out of reach for both children and pets. It's important to note that in the UK, having such a safety feature is now legally mandated even for households without children, recognising the occasional presence of young visitors.

Roman Blinds in Bay Windows
coastal print roman blind in bay window

Roman blinds are a great option for bay windows, but measuring them requires attention to detail. Start by measuring each section's width and height, considering any obstructions. Read our blog for a detailed guide on How to Measure for Blinds, ensuring a perfect fit for your bay windows.

Tips on Hanging Roman Blinds
pink alieana blinds hung in window

Now that you’ve settled on your perfect blind and the excitement of receiving it in the post has blossomed – it’s time to hang your Roman blind. Your method of hanging the blinds will again depend on whether you’ve chosen to fit it within the recess or as an exact fit, but our guide on How to Hang Roman Blinds has everything you need to know. This guide includes fitting and mechanism tips and tricks as well as a short section on how to remove them.

Choose a Breathable Fabric
cotton blind fabric bornofi floral print

As your Roman blinds are the only barrier between your window and interior, you will want to prioritise quality. This means that cotton, cotton blend, and linen fabrics are always the best choice when it comes to blinds. Not only are these fabrics breathable allowing enough air circulation and lessening the chances of mould buildup, but they are also soft to the touch and can be styled in various ways.

Keeping Your Roman Blinds Fresh
cleaning solution for blinds sprayed on grey fabric

If you’ve invested in your blinds, you most likely want them to look and feel as fresh as possible, since they will be the main focal point between your interior and the outside world. As Roman blinds usually sit quite close to the window, they can pick up condensation or moisture, especially during more humid seasons. Removing marks from your blinds can easily be done by mixing a warm, soapy solution and dabbing the affected area until it has cleared. For a comprehensive step-by-step guide on cleaning, read more here: How to Clean Roman Blinds.

Depending on how often you roll down your blinds or how humid your home is, you may want to do this every couple of months to maximise their lifespan.

Uneven Roman Blinds
uneven floral blind in window armatli print

If you notice your Roman blind tilting to one side, it's likely due to a minor confusion with the controls. Often, this occurs when the cords are inadvertently pulled in the wrong direction, causing uneven rolling. The solution is straightforward! Lower the blind completely using the chain, then continue pulling the chain until it returns to the top. As you do this, the blind should straighten itself out. To avoid future occurrences, ensure that the chain is consistently pulled in the correct direction.

Now that you’ve become a master of blinds and know all the hidden tricks to optimising your blinds, you can shop with ease understanding that you’re fully informed. Roman blinds can take your interiors to the next level; personalise your living space with quality blinds from Voyage Maison, carefully curated by our talented design team with an array of intricate patterns available to suit all tastes.