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How to Hang Curtains

How to Hang Curtains

Curtains are not only functional but also play a significant role in enhancing the aesthetics of a room. Whether you're looking to add privacy, control light, or simply elevate the décor of your space, choosing and hanging the right curtains can make a world of difference. In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of how to hang curtains in three popular styles: pencil pleat, eyelet, and pinch pleat. With our comprehensive guide, you'll have your curtains up and looking fabulous in no time!

Where to Fit your Curtain Pole or Track

Before we discuss how to hang curtains, it’s important to ensure you have your curtain pole or track installed in the correct position. This should ideally be in place before you measure for your curtains as this ensures you get the perfect finish. If you still need to install it, you can use the following steps to make sure you fit it at the correct height and width.

Choosing the Right Height

Determine the ideal height for your curtain pole or track. Generally, positioning it a few centimetres above the window frame creates an elegant and elongated look. So, how high should your curtain pole be above your window? We recommend that your it sits 10cm above the window frame.

Measure the Width

It’s important to also consider the width of your window, make sure the measurement is exactly to your track or pole as internally we will make the adjustments needed to make sure you have the right amount of fabric to get a perfect gather for the fabric. 

How to Hang Eyelet Curtains

One of the most popular styles, eyelet curtains are favoured amongst homeowners and interior designers for a number of reasons. The built-in metal eyelets make the installing process a breeze. With no need for curtain hooks or rings, eyelet curtains can be hung in a matter of minutes. If you’re still unsure how to hang eyelet curtains, not to worry, simply follow the steps below.

How to Hang Eyelet Curtains

Hanging Your Curtains

Start by threading each eyelet onto your curtain pole, ensuring that the foremost part of the curtain faces inward towards your window. This leading edge is where your curtains will come together at the centre.


To achieve a polished appearance, it's essential to evenly distribute your eyelets along the curtain pole for an even gathering. Some of our customers employ spacers to assist in maintaining consistent spacing. The final eyelet should be positioned between the bracket securing your curtain pole and the decorative end cap or finial for a flawless finish.

How to Hang Pinch Pleat Curtains

Pinch pleat curtains are another popular choice for interiors as they come beautifully pleated for you making them super easy to hang! These pleated curtains can be hung using curtain hooks to attach them to your track or pole. Learn how to hang pinch pleat curtains at your window for an elegant finish by following the steps below.

How to Hang Pinch Pleat Curtains

Positioning the Hooks

Begin by deciding the placement of the hooks situated behind the pleat. For curtain poles, shift the hook to the top of the heading, ensuring that your curtain drapes below the pole. In the case of a curtain track, position the hook toward the centre, concealing it within the heading.

Check the Track Gliders/Pole Rings

Before hanging your curtains, you must ensure you have an equal number of track gliders or pole rings as you have pleats. Once you've checked that these match, proceed to hook them through accordingly.

Hang Your Curtains

Now that you have everything in place, you can start hanging your curtains. For curtain poles, attach the last curtain hook between the bracket and the end cap of your pole. In the case of a curtain track, attach it to the secure glider located at the track's end.

How to Hang Pencil Pleat Curtains

Hanging pencil pleat curtains requires a little more patience, but the finish they provide is beautiful. Knowing how to hang pencil pleat curtains correctly lies in the preparation, the most important thing to remember is to take your time! Follow the steps below to ensure you get the perfect finish.

How to Hang Pencil Pleat Curtains Hanging Pencil Pleat Curtains How to Tie Pencil Pleat Curtains

Tying the Cords

To begin, secure the cords before you start gathering your curtains. This step is crucial to prevent the heading tape from unravelling during the gathering process. Tie off the cords at one end of the heading tape, typically at the leading edge where the curtains will meet in the middle of your window. Leave the cords untied at the opposite end, as you'll need them for gathering later.

Check the Width

Before you start the gathering process, double-check the required width for your curtains. We recommend gathering the fabric a few centimetres wider than needed. This ensures that you won't need to adjust the curtain's sides when hanging them, creating a seamless appearance.


Once you've confirmed the width, proceed to gather the curtain fabric. Hold onto the loose cords at the untied end and begin pulling them through. Ensure an even pull on all cords to maintain perfectly straight pleats.

Securing the Cords

Once you're satisfied with the width and gather of your curtains, you should secure the cords at the other end. Avoid cutting them, as you may need to adjust the curtains in the future for cleaning or when hanging them in a different location.

Inserting the Hooks

At this stage, it’s important to check you are happy with your pleats and your gathers are evenly spaced, as it will significantly enhance the curtain's appearance.

Start by counting the number of gliders or rings on your track or pole, then half this number. This represents the number of hooks needed for each curtain. Even distribution of hooks is key to achieving a professional finish. Position the hook on the outer edge of the curtain, ensuring it stays secure when the curtain is closed. Pay attention to the leading edge, positioning the hook to create a pleasing fabric overlap when the curtain is closed.

The heading tape typically features three rows of pockets which row you use will depend whether you’re fitting your curtains to a pole or track. It's important to make sure that the hooks are inserted into the pockets and not onto the thread, as this can cause them to snap if hung.

How to Hang Pencil Pleat Curtains on a Pole

If you’re hanging your pencil pleat curtains on a pole, use the top row of pockets in your heading tape to allow the curtain to hang below the pole. Make sure all your hooks are inserted and then you can attach your curtains. When hanging your curtains on a pole, position the final hook between the bracket and the finial or end cap of the rod. 

How to Hang Pencil Pleat Curtains on a Track

For curtain tracks, we recommend inserting the hooks into the bottom or middle row in the heading tape. This ensures that the track is concealed once the curtains are up. For track installations, attach the final hook to the fixed glider at the track's end.

“If you're working with large, heavy fabric, it can be helpful to enlist the help of a friend” explains Simone, Designs & Development Deputy Manager at “this way, one person can support the weight of the curtains while the other attaches them to the pole or track, it makes it much easier”.

How to Hang Curtains in a Bay Window

Due to their unusual shape, bay windows can often seem tricky when it comes to dressing them with blinds or curtains. If you’re wondering how to hang curtains in a bay window, the good news is you can use the same instructions detailed above - the important part is making sure you have your pole or track installed first! 

To hang curtains in a bay window, you must first install a suitable pole or track to fit around the length of the alcove. The most popular options are tension rods, way window curtain rods, and multiple straight curtain rods. 

Tension Rods

These rods fit snugly inside the window frame, relying on tension to stay in place. They offer a minimalist and unobtrusive solution for those who appreciate simplicity and clean lines.

Bay Window Curtain Pole or Track

Crafted with a singular pole or track, these made to measure options are designed to gracefully match the angles of your bay window. They ensure a seamless and tailored look, perfectly complementing the unique architecture of your bay window.

Multiple Straight Curtain Poles

Opting for a classic approach, these poles require one for each window within your bay. Their straightforward design provides a timeless and versatile option, allowing you to customise your curtain placement according to your preferences. 

Depending on your choice of curtains and what style of pole or track you have chosen, you can follow our steps on how to hang eyelet, pinch pleat, or pencil pleat curtains. Keep in mind if you have overlapping tracks or poles then you may need to hang your new curtains in 2 sections.

How to Hang Curtains on an Arched Window

Arched windows are an incredible feature in any home, making a stylish and elegant statement. If you’re unsure how to hang curtains on an arched window, don’t worry, we have the answer! It can seem challenging to find the right curtains to suit them if you’ve never had to deal with them before but one of the benefits of arched windows is their versatility. You can easily change their look depending on the choice of curtains and where you place the curtain pole.

A great way to highlight your arches is to use a custom curved curtain rod inside the recess of the window frame. Doing this exposes the trim around the window and highlights its unique shape. You can then choose curtains to suit your space. For a bold, dramatic finish we recommend choosing curtains that are long enough to pool on the floor.

If you’re looking for something more straightforward, you can hang curtains over your arched windows using a standard, straight curtain pole. If you plan on hanging them outside the arch, make sure to account for extra height to ensure your curtains touch the floor.

How to Remove Curtains

Taking down your curtains can be a simple process if done with care and attention to detail. If you're unsure about how to remove your curtains, simply follow the steps below.

Clear the Space

Before you take your curtains down, it's important to clear the area around your windows. A clear space allows you to room to remove your curtains with ease without obstruction, keeping the process smooth and stress-free.

Remove Any Accessories

If your curtains are adorned with tiebacks or decorative elements, gently remove them first. This step prevents any potential tangling or damage during the removal process.

Unhook or Unthread

Depending on the style of your curtains, either unhook them from the curtain pole or track or unthread them from the curtain rings. Take your time to avoid any snags, you don't want them to catch on the pole or track. If your curtains are attached to a curtain pole, make sure to remove the end caps or finials before sliding the rings off.

Whether you've chosen the classic pencil pleat, the modern eyelet, or the elegant pinch pleat style, we hope this guide on how to hang curtains has equipped you with the knowledge and steps needed to achieve a professional and polished look for your windows.


How to Hang Curtains with Hooks

Pleated curtains often need to be hung using hooks that attach to the heading of your curtains and then clip onto track or the rings on your curtain pole. Follow our instructions for how to fit pencil pleat curtains if you’re unsure how to hang curtains with hooks. We cover everything you need to know whether you’re fitting to a pole or track.

How to Get Eyelet Curtains to Hang Properly

Eyelet curtains are the easiest curtains to hang, however once they’re up at your window you don’t just want them to hang there looking lacklustre. If you’re looking for that professional finish, it’s important you know how to get eyelet curtains to hang properly. 

The most important step when hanging eyelet curtains is the spacing. You want to make sure that the fabric gathers evenly across the curtains, with equal space between each fold. We recommend using spacers to get a consistent and polished look.

Do you have to Gather Pencil Pleat Curtains?

Pencil pleat curtains require a little preparation before they can be hung. It’s important that you gather the fabric using the cords on the back of the curtain to ensure elegant and even pleats. Once you’re happy with the gather and pleats, you can tie off the cords and tuck them behind the curtain. It’s important not to cut off any excess cord as you may find you need to adjust the gather later when cleaning or moving the curtains to another window. Follow the steps above on how to hang pencil pleat curtains for more information.