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How to Hang Curtains

How to Hang Curtains

Curtains are not only functional but also play a significant role in enhancing the aesthetics of a room. Whether you're looking to add privacy, control light, or simply elevate the décor of your space, choosing and hanging the right curtains can make a world of difference. In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of how to hang curtains in three popular styles: pencil pleat, eyelet, and pinch pleat. With our comprehensive guide, you'll have your curtains up and looking fabulous in no time!

How to Hang Eyelet Curtains
How to Hang Eyelet Curtains

Hanging Your Curtains

Start by threading each eyelet onto your curtain pole, ensuring that the foremost part of the curtain faces inward towards your window. This leading edge is where your curtains will come together at the centre.


To achieve a polished appearance, it's essential to evenly distribute your eyelets along the curtain pole for an even gathering. Some of our customers employ spacers to assist in maintaining consistent spacing. The final eyelet should be positioned between the bracket securing your curtain pole and the decorative end cap or finial for a flawless finish.

How to Hang Pinch Pleat Curtains
How to Hang Pinch Pleat Curtains

Positioning the Hooks

Begin by deciding the placement of the hooks situated behind the pleat. For curtain poles, shift the hook to the top of the heading, ensuring that your curtain drapes below the pole. In the case of a curtain track, position the hook toward the centre, concealing it within the heading.

Check the Track Gliders/Pole Rings

Before hanging your curtains, you must ensure you have an equal number of track gliders or pole rings as you have pleats. Once you've checked that these match, proceed to hook them through accordingly.

Hang Your Curtains

Now that you have everything in place, you can start hanging your curtains. For curtain poles, attach the last curtain hook between the bracket and the end cap of your pole. In the case of a curtain track, attach it to the secure glider located at the track's end.

How to Hang Pencil Pleat Curtains
How to Hang Pencil Pleat Curtains Hanging Pencil Pleat Curtains How to Tie Pencil Pleat Curtains

Hanging pencil pleat curtains requires a little more patience, the most important thing to remember is to take your time!

Tying the Cords

To begin, secure the cords before you start gathering your curtains. This step is crucial to prevent the heading tape from unravelling during the gathering process. Tie off the cords at one end of the heading tape, typically at the leading edge where the curtains will meet in the middle of your window. Leave the cords untied at the opposite end, as you'll need them for gathering later.

Check the Width

Before you start the gathering process, double-check the required width for your curtains. We recommend gathering the fabric a few centimetres wider than needed. This ensures that you won't need to adjust the curtain's sides when hanging them, creating a seamless appearance.


Once you've confirmed the width, proceed to gather the curtain fabric. Hold onto the loose cords at the untied end and begin pulling them through. Ensure an even pull on all cords to maintain perfectly straight pleats.

Securing the Cords

Once you're satisfied with the width and gather of your curtains, you should secure the cords at the other end. Avoid cutting them, as you may need to adjust the curtains in the future for cleaning or when hanging them in a different location.

Inserting the Hooks

At this stage, it’s important to check you are happy with your pleats and your gathers are evenly spaced, as it will significantly enhance the curtain's appearance.

Start by counting the number of gliders or rings on your track or pole, then half this number. This represents the number of hooks needed for each curtain. Even distribution of hooks is key to achieving a professional finish. Position the hook on the outer edge of the curtain, ensuring it stays secure when the curtain is closed. Pay attention to the leading edge, positioning the hook to create a pleasing fabric overlap when the curtain is closed.

The heading tape typically features three rows of pockets. For curtain tracks, insert the hooks into the bottom or middle row to conceal the track. For poles, use the top row to allow the curtain to hang below the pole. Ensure the hooks are inserted into the pockets and not onto the thread, as this can cause them to snap if hung.

Hanging Your Curtains

With everything else in place, it's time to attach your curtains. If you're working with large, heavy fabric, consider enlisting the help of a friend. This way, one person can support the weight of the curtains while the other attaches them to the pole or track.

When attaching your curtains to a pole, position the final hook between the bracket and the finial or end cap of the rod. For track installations, attach it to the fixed glider at the track's end.

Whether you've chosen the classic pencil pleat, the modern eyelet, or the elegant pinch pleat style, this guide has equipped you with the knowledge and steps needed to achieve a professional and polished look.