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10 Spring Home Decor Ideas for the New Season

Spring Home Decor Ideas

As the vibrant hues of Spring blossom around us, it's time to infuse your home with a breath of fresh air. Embrace the season's charm and transform your living space into a haven of style and comfort. To help you step into Spring in style, we’ve put together some of our favourite Spring home décor ideas for the new season that let you elevate your surroundings. 

The Spring Colour Palette

As we bid farewell to winter's chilly embrace, it's the perfect moment to shed the dark, moody tones that defined the colder months and infuse your living space with softer, brighter hues, ushering in the warmth and vibrancy of the upcoming season. Picture the soft blush of cherry blossoms, the warm yellow glow of daffodils, the serene blue sky, and the fresh green grass, each reminiscent of Springtime.

Pink Spring Home Decor

How to Use Pink in Your Home Décor for Spring

This Spring, embrace the timeless allure of pink in your home décor to create an atmosphere of delicate elegance. Offering a spectrum from delicate pastels to bold fuchsias, our home décor collection has something for everyone. Infuse the season's spirit with carefully chosen accents, such as cushions adorned with soft florals, furniture pieces in blush tones, or lighting that exudes a gentle warmth. Whether you opt for subtle hints or daring statements, incorporating pink into your living space creates a harmonious and uplifting atmosphere, effortlessly capturing the essence of Spring.

Yellow Spring Home Decor

How to Use Yellow in Your Home Décor for Spring

Embrace the cheerful radiance of yellow in your Spring home décor. From light, sun-kissed tones to vibrant yellows, this captivating colour infuses your space with warmth. Add a touch of sunshine with cushions featuring delicate yellow patterns, introduce bold energy with statement footstools in bright yellows, or illuminate your space with table lamps that exude a warm glow. Whether subtly incorporated or boldly showcased, yellow effortlessly captures the essence of Spring's vitality, creating a welcoming and cheerful ambience.

Blue Spring Home Decor

How to Use Blue in Your Home Décor for Spring

When it comes to using blue within your home décor this season, it’s all about transitioning away from winter's moodier tones and welcoming the serene embrace of Spring with lighter shades of blue. Opt for lighter hues and pastels reminiscent of the clear Spring sky and gentle countryside blooms. Infuse the freshness of the season with cushions and throws featuring delicate blue florals and transform your space into a tranquil haven. By incorporating these lighter blue tones throughout your soft furnishings, you effortlessly evoke the soothing essence of Spring, bidding farewell to the depths of winter's palette.

Green Spring Home Decor

How to Use Green in Your Home Décor for Spring

Green, with its versatile allure, seamlessly transcends seasons, offering a timeless and adaptable elegance that effortlessly suits every moment throughout the year. While in winter you may find darker forest greens and emeralds, in the Spring it’s all about the lighter and brighter shades. From hints of vibrant green to softer mints and pastels, this verdant hue breathes new life into your décor. Enliven your surroundings with cushions adorned in prints of lively green foliage, let curtains drape in soothing mint shades, and incorporate this versatile hue into various soft furnishings throughout your space. Versatile and invigorating, green can take your Spring home décor to the next level, breathing life into your space.

As we embrace the invigorating palette of Springtime, the goal is to infuse your home with the fresh, lively tones found in nature this season. From the delicate blush of pinks to the warm embrace of yellows, the serene blues, and the versatile greens, it’s all about breathing new life into your space. Incorporate these Spring-led colours into your decor to create an atmosphere that mirrors the beauty of the season and bask in the timeless beauty of nature’s palette. 

Spring Patterns

Patterns play a pivotal role in elevating your Spring home decor, infusing spaces with plenty of character and charm.  Whether you want to embrace the whimsical allure of animal motifs this Easter, or prefer delicate florals that bring the countryside indoors, we offer a range of home décor and soft furnishings to bring your space to life. From cushions adorned with delightful country animal prints to curtains that showcase botanical studies, patterns become the language through which your home tells the story of the rejuvenating season.

Floral Spring Home Decor

In Spring, florals reign supreme, echoing the blossoming beauty of the season. Delicate patterns of flowers and foliage infuse your space with an air of freshness and tranquillity. Whether on cushions, curtains, or furniture, floral designs effortlessly bring the vibrant allure of a blooming garden indoors, resonating with the beauty of nature's reawakening. 

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Animal Spring Home Decor

With Easter slowly approaching, why not embrace the whimsy of animal motifs in your home décor? From playful hares to curious insects and charming Highland cows, animal patterns add a delightful touch to your space. Often featured on a range of Easter decorations for the home, these designs not only resonate with the spirit of the season, but also infuse your home with a warm and lively energy, mirroring the vitality of Spring. 

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Country Spring Home Decor

Experience the best of both worlds with country-inspired patterns, seamlessly combining the charm of florals and the whimsy of animals. Adorn your space with prints that showcase the delicate dance of country animals amidst a backdrop of blossoming flowers. This fusion effortlessly captures the essence of Spring, creating a harmonious blend that brings the beauty of nature into your home. The intricate interplay of florals and animals found within our country prints not only enhances your décor but evokes a sense of warmth too.

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Spring Home Decor

Whether you prefer a clean and simple aesthetic, bold and extravagant designs, or the rustic charm of the countryside, we have an abundance of Spring home décor ideas to suit your space. Handpicked for Spring, we offer a variety of charming soft furnishings and accessories that embrace this season’s palette and celebrate nature. Find the perfect Spring decorations for your home below.

Hermione Floral Cushion

Hermione Printed Feather Cushion 

This elegant cushion, adorned with delicate florals in blush tones, is a perfect addition to your Spring home decor. The soft hues and intricate patterns bring a touch of nature's beauty indoors, making it an ideal choice for both Spring and Easter home decor, adding a subtle and sophisticated charm to your living space.

Winnie Hare Framed Print

Winnie Framed Print in Birch

The Winnie Framed Print in Birch captures the whimsy of British summertime, featuring an adorable hare amidst delicate wildflowers. This framed print serves as an enchanting piece of Easter home decor, infusing your space with the artistry and vibrancy of the season.

Hermione Floral Door Stop

Hermione Door Stop

Celebrate nature's glory with the Hermione Door Stop. Adorned with playful bees amidst colourful florals, it not only serves as a functional piece but also adds a cheerful touch to your home. Perfect for Spring, this door stop is a delightful and practical addition to your space and can be easily incorporated with other Easter decorations for the home.

Hedgerow Floral Lamp Shade

Hedgerow Eva Lamp Shade

Light up your space with the delightful Hedgerow Eva Lamp Shade. Featuring the ever-popular Hedgerow print, this lamp shade adds a touch of the countryside to your home. Perfectly paired with floor lamps, table lamps, or ceiling lights, its colourful floral design makes it a fitting choice for the season, infusing your space with warmth and charm. 

Easton Fern Botanical Footstool

Monty Footstool in Eeaston Fern

The Monty Footstool in Easton Fern introduces bold yellow and green sunflowers, making it a vibrant choice for Spring home decor. Its lively patterns and refreshing colours bring a burst of energy to your living space, making this delightful footstool a standout piece for the season. 

Papavera Floral Throw

Papavera Printed Throw

Incorporate the Papavera Printed Throw into your Spring home decor and enjoy a beautiful watercolour study of poppies in soft tones of blue. Hand-painted artistry and a playful fringe trim add texture, making this throw a stylish and cosy addition to your home this season, infusing your space with the allure of nature's beauty.

Leven and Brushwood Floral Wooden Table Lamp

Leven & Brushwood Table Lamp

The Leven & Brushwood Table Lamp, part of the Darren Woodhead collection, showcases a family of birds nestled amongst berries and branches. Its fresh watercolour tones make it a captivating choice for Spring home decor, adding a touch of artistry to any space. Pair this stunning table lamp alongside other Spring decorations for your home and create a warm, inviting space inspired by the British countryside.

Florence Armchair in Hedgerow Florals

Florence Armchair in Hedgerow

If you’re looking for a statement piece, then there’s simply no better choice than our best-selling Florence Armchair. Adorned in the classic Hedgerow print, this country-style armchair offers an oak or stone finish that elevates your seating experience with ease. The hand-painted watercolour design featuring dancing wildflowers makes it a luxurious and tranquil addition to your home this season.

Ailena Floral Made to Measure Curtains

Aileana Floral Curtains

Completely made to measure, the Aileana Floral Curtains feature a wonderful watercolour design of botanical studies. Crafted from exquisite, printed cotton fabric, these curtains add instant grace to your windows, making them a perfect choice for both Spring and Easter home décor. They’re the perfect finishing touch to infuse your space with the beauty of nature.

Wall Mounted Highland Cow Wooden Sculpture

Highland Cow Wall Mounted Wooden Sculpture

If you’re looking to elevate your Spring home decor with a unique piece, then our wooden sculptures are perfect! This captivating piece celebrates rustic charm, featuring a Highland cow intricately crafted from exquisite willow and rattan woods. Meticulously handcrafted, it exudes timeless elegance, becoming a unique centrepiece that resonates with the essence of the season. Perfect for Easter, especially if you have an affinity for animals, this sculpture infuses your space with the warmth of nature. 

Embrace the season's spirit, and let your home reflect the beauty of spring. From cushions to framed prints, lamps, and furniture, here at Voyage Maison, we offer a curated selection to revitalise your space. Step into Spring in style with our Spring home décor ideas and find the perfect Easter decorations for your home. Don't just decorate; celebrate the arrival of Spring in every corner of your home.

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