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How to Choose Blinds: Create an Intimate Interior

abstract blind in window

Comfort and security are two aspects which are sought-after in a home, and creating such a feeling usually has one motto at its core – blocking the outside world away from the special place you call home. There’s no better way to do so than by choosing your ideal blinds. From cotton sateen for a room darkening effect and good privacy to 100% blackout blinds that immerse you in ultimate darkness, our range of made to measure Roman blinds has something for every preference.

Not only do our blinds provide as much privacy as wanted, but they also elevate your home and become a stunning focal point embracing existing home décor and framing your windows beautifully. All our designs are handcrafted by our talented artists and manufactured in the UK. The dedication to true interior design is evident throughout each and every one of our blinds, from our classic breathtaking floral designs to serene coastal prints and unique animal motifs – these aren’t just blinds, they’re the next step to your interior of dreams.

Choosing Roman Blind Fabric

When thinking about fabric for blinds, you must think of quality. Our blinds are made to last, meaning you won’t have to think about how to hang Roman blinds every other month - they’re there to stay. Opt for fabrics that will stand the test of time, yet also complement your existing interior décor. Most commonly, 100% cotton or cotton blend fabrics are chosen due to their durability and gorgeous feel.

Cotton blinds are highly breathable, meaning they are easy to maintain and least likely to suffer from any mould or mildew, and are also easy to spot clean. The light and airy feel of cotton blinds creates a naturally pleasant atmosphere, with its lightweight material making it easy to roll back up whenever you want your living space to be engulfed in sun rays.

Renowned for its softness and comfortability, cotton is a great material for blinds and depending on the lining that you choose, it can have as much or as little opacity as you’d like, with our blackout Roman blinds being the best choice for those who enjoy the utmost privacy.

How to Choose Blind Colours
blue blinds on window with dark grey wall

Whether you have a running theme throughout your interiors, or you like to experiment with different palettes, it’s important to choose your blind colour depending on what your décor would best suit, as blinds can definitely be seen as a long-term investment. If you’d like to stick to timeless sophistication, opt for neutrals that will never go out of fashion. Grey, white and beige blinds will suit a vast array of colours, meaning that if you choose to mix up your home décor, your blinds can stay and not look out of place. A neutral-coloured blind doesn’t have to be bland, as our designs include country prints and beautiful blooms that won’t create an unwelcomed contrast but rather a versatile canvas.

Looking to evoke a sense of drama? Deep, moody tones are great for capturing all the attention, and they also lay beautifully when nighttime falls and the blackout lining envelops your space in a cosy setting. Rich purples, deep reds and regal emerald tones create grandeur and appreciation for opulence. If your personal tastes lean towards luxury, then such tones may be the best option for your space.

How to Choose Printed Blinds
abstract coloured blinds on dark grey wall abstract coloured blinds

If you’re looking for a truly unique concept, our printed blinds are carefully designed in-house, by our amazing team of interior artists who hand-paint and create intricate patterns right here in the UK; from animal motifs featuring furry favourites, to whimsical woodland murals and magnificent maximalist creations. Patterned blinds can incorporate various colours depending on your scheme, don’t be afraid to experiment as much or as little as you’d like.

Floral Designs: Unsurprisingly one of our bestselling options, our floral murals create a statement in any living space. Florals are sophisticated and elegant, with blooming designs that have bene hand-painted and printed onto fabric that will wow all guests. Florals compliment country homes wonderfully and can elevate all interiors.

Animal Prints: Enter an enchanting realm of woodland designs with our animal prints, featuring country motifs and adorable furry favourites that can be spotted while out in the fields. Inspired by the British countryside, our animal prints are perfect for those looking to elevate their country home and embrace the charm of nature.

Coastal Designs: Experiment with the undoubtable allure of the coastline, transporting you directly to the tranquil shore with every print. Our designers have taken inspiration from stunning shells and captivating crustaceans, with brilliant blue hues that compliment many interior choices. Bring the calming waves of the sea into your interior design with our coastal patterns.

Maximalist: For those unafraid to experiment with contrasting colours and rich patterns, our maximalist collection of blinds is undoubtedly a showstopper. Created to make a statement, the maximalism style explores wonderful colours and prints, designed in-house by our talented artists.

Abstract Prints: Looking to embrace an almost-maximalist feel while experimenting with various shapes and patterns? Our abstract blinds are the perfect choice for you. Designed with careful precision to not feel overwhelming within interiors, abstract prints are an innovative and unique choice.

Lining Options

Once you’ve settled on colour and pattern new blinds, it’s time to think about customising them to suit your space. When you choose made to measure Roman blinds you can select the fabric lining that works best for you. At Voyage Maison we offer a range of light filtering, blackout, and thermal linings for your blinds, ensuring you get exactly what your space requires.

Cotton Sateen Lining for Blinds
cotton sateen lining for blinds

Cotton Sateen: Our standard cotton sateen lining is perfect if you’re looking for a light-filtering option that still darkens the room. A room-darkening lining offers exceptional privacy while maintaining natural light within your space.

Thermal Blackout Lining for Blinds
thermal blackout lining for blinds

Thermal Blackout: Our thermal blackout lining is great if you’re looking for complete light control and privacy, with the added benefit of heat retention. This blackout lining blocks all unwanted light making it a great choice for bedrooms, while its thermal properties ensure your space retains heat, perfect for those chilly months!

Bonded Interlining for Blinds
bonded interlining for blinds

Bonded Interlining: If you’re looking for practicality and efficiency then there’s no better choice than our bonded interlining. This incredible lining is completely blackout offering unmatched privacy and light control, while the extra layer of thermal insulation helps to retain heat, control temperature, and block out any noise. Thanks to the extra layer of fabric in our bonded interlining, your blinds become heavier meaning they drape even more effortlessly and beautifully when installed in your window.

Ordering a Fabric Sample
green floral blinds in window

Our impressive array of designs, colours and patterns may make choosing a blind quite the decision, which is exactly why we offer FREE fabric samples to those who wish to experiment with a couple of patterns and textures before fully committing. Our fabric samples are around 14 X 14cm and are available in almost all of our designs. You can choose up to 10 fabric samples, giving even the most indecisive a chance to explore a multitude of intricate prints before settling for their ultimate blind fabric.

We encourage all who wish to order a blind from us to add a FREE sample to their basket beforehand, as some textures may be different to what you had envisioned. Although we’re almost certain you’ll love all of our prints, samples allow for testing that will put your mind at ease and won’t leave you wondering whether your new blind will complement your interior.

How to Choose Blinds Size
detailed abstract blue blinds

First and foremost, you need to measure your blinds according to whether you’d like to fit them inside the recess or outside of the recess. This is decided before you order your blinds as certain adjustments will need to be made depending on your choice.

To speed up the process, we have created a simple yet extremely handy guide on How to Measure for Roman Blinds, meaning that you needn’t worry about searching for answers elsewhere. Our comprehensive guide has everything you need to know about recess fits, headrail installation, child safety and actually operating the blind.

Our made to measure options not only provide quality fabrics and unique designs, but also allow your blinds to be made specifically to your requirements – this means that choosing the right blind size is of utmost importance, hence why we always recommend reading our guide before measuring anything.

At Voyage Maison, we prioritise durability and quality, meaning our blinds are made from only the highest quality fabrics  for ultimate breathability and minimal upkeep. Our cotton blinds are manufactured here in the UK, with our in-house designers creating each print with elegance and opulence at heart. Whether you’re looking to indulge in maximalist blinds that create a unique focal point or rather opt for warm country prints of true comfort, our range of blinds has something for all tastes.

Our curated collection of designer fabrics and made to measure blinds offer hundreds of options to choose from, with blackout blinds being a beloved option for those who truly prefer a private home. Upgrade your interiors today and block the outside world with carefully crafted designs.