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Things to Do with Wallpaper Samples

blue floral wallpaper samples

Wallpapering your home can be a large project, especially if you’re after a dramatic transformation that targets multiple areas within your interior space. The colour, texture, and overall appearance of your wallpaper can differ greatly, depending on lighting and accompanying decorative choices which is why we always recommend ordering a wallpaper sample before committing to purchasing.

Wondering what to do with your wallpaper samples after you’ve tested it on every suitable surface in your home? We’ve compiled an array of crafty ideas to ensure your samples don’t go to waste.

How Big is a Wallpaper Sample?

Wallpaper samples are usually around 14x14cm, however, sizes may vary depending on the pattern and texture of the wallpaper. This size ensures that you get an accurate idea of what your wallpaper will actually look like when hung on your wall. Our wallpaper samples are free – you can order up to 10 samples and have them all delivered quickly and efficiently with Voyage Maison, making your wallpapering journey much easier.

For the indecisive interior designers, we recommend choosing various patterns and prints that you'd like to experiment with, as this will truly show you how your new project will look once complete.

If you find that one of our wallpaper samples is out of stock, we will be doing our best to replenish it, or, if you have any other queries regarding wallpaper samples, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What to Do with Wallpaper Samples

Now that you’ve received your wallpaper samples, you might be wondering exactly where to begin. The number of things to do with wallpaper samples is endless, but there are a few certain trials you should perform in order to get the most out of your samples.

floral wallpaper sample braithwaite next to wooden chair with cushion

Colour Match to Existing Décor

When introducing wallpaper to your living space, it’s important to note any existing décor and how it will pair with your new addition, especially if you’re embarking on a 4-wall project or opting for abstract wallpaper that will draw in all the attention. Hold your wallpaper sample up to the main pieces of furniture within your home and don’t forget to include your carpet/flooring in this test to cover all bases. Wallpaper must complement your décor enough for there to be a cohesive feel, and not look out of place – even if you’re seeking an eclectic clash, it must be styled in a way that inspires, not disrupts.  

blue floral wallpaper sample florabunda behind navy bed

Test Lighting Options

Lighting can play a huge factor in the look and texture of your wallpaper – whether you’re a lover of ambient lighting or have large, bright windows that welcome rays of sunshine, you should test out a range of lighting options on your wallpaper samples to get the full picture. Textured wallpaper can look entirely different in dim lighting, with shadows and reflections creating shapes that may not be present in daylight.

Similarly, bright lighting can reflect gorgeously on damask wallpaper, or wallpaper with blooming florals that are stunning when exposed to vivid luminosity. Test your samples around different windows, floor lamps, and other light sources in your home to ensure the wallpaper looks up to your standards regardless of which light is on.

multicoloured floral wallpaper sample lindu behind table with glass vase

Try Multiple Surface Options

Wallpapering doesn’t have to stay on one feature wall, in fact, many are now opting for 4-wall projects, wallpaper on ceilings, and bathroom or kitchen wallpaper. This idea suits maximalist homes, or those looking for a different style of interior that isn’t afraid to push boundaries. Trying your wallpaper samples on multiple surfaces can inspire you to get more creative with your décor and give your home an edge that you haven’t thought to explore before.

How to Use Leftover Samples

Once you’re content with your wallpaper choice and have read our wallpaper buying guide that explores various wallpaper options, designed in-house by our talented artists, you may wonder what exactly there is to do with leftover wallpaper samples. From arts and crafts to customised gifts, be inspired by our ideas…

rolls of floral wallpaper samples

Arts & Crafts

Wallpaper samples provide a great foundation for arts and crafts – whether you’re looking to scrapbook your favourite memories, or love partaking in art projects in your spare time, these samples can be cut and stuck anywhere you wish. Carve out your favourite animal, create collages, or draw on them – wallpaper samples are a great way of getting your creative senses flowing.

wallpaper sample arts and crafts ullswater

Personalised Presents

Gifts that have been lovingly handcrafted are among some of the best, not only can they be extremely thoughtful, but they’re also relatively cheap and easy to make. Wallpaper samples could be a great addition to celebratory cards or photo albums and could even make a fantastic background for framed prints.

woodland wallpaper sample winlater russet

Creative Activities for Children

For the young children in the family, wallpaper samples could act as their new canvas for arty activities. They could cut and stick as many wallpaper samples together as possible or be folded to make easy origami pieces for children. These samples are a great staple to have in children’s crafts kits and will not only save you money but will also be fantastic fun for them!

Embark on your wallpaper journey with confidence after ordering free wallpaper samples from Voyage Maison and testing them against surrounding surfaces to ensure all décor is as cohesive as you’d like. Leave worry about wallpaper in the past and add up to 10 samples to your basket today to truly envelop yourself in our handcrafted designs that transform your living space into an interior design dream.