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How to Hang Wallpaper

Correctly hanging and caring for your wallpaper is paramount and the following instructions will show you how to hang our wide-width wallpaper the correct way. Our ultra wide wallpaper is almost three times the width of standard wallpaper which means you will get so much value for money with our fabulous range of designs.

How to Hang Wallpaper Guide

The Tools You Need for Wallpapering

Before you begin hanging your new wallpaper, make sure you have all your tools to hand:
  • Your choice of wallpaper
  • Wallpaper paste/adhesive 
  • Wallpaper brush (tip* include smaller brush for corners)
  • Clean cloth or two - use to smooth out air bubbles and wrinkles
  • Sharp stripping knife - to remove any scraps of old wallpaper
  • Sharp scissors - to trim wallpaper edges
  • Filler - to repair any holes or gaps in the wall prior to wallpapering
  • Sandpaper - to sand down any bumpy areas of the wall
  • Plumb line measuring tool - makes sure your lines are straight
  • Tape measure and pencil - to work out where to trim and measure your walls
  • Stepladder - to reach the full width of the wall 
  • Protective dust sheets - to protect your flooring and furniture
  • Protective mask and safety glasses - to protect you from dust and paste fumes

Prepare Your Wall for Wallpapering

Once you have all tools to hand, follow these preparation steps to get your walls ready for wallpapering:
  • Remove any existing wallpaper with your stripping knife being careful not to damage the wall behind
  • Inspect your walls for any cracks or gaps and fill any holes with filler then sandpaper down for an even finish
  • Unscrew any fixtures and fittings on the wall
  • Scrub your walls with a clean sponge and warm soapy water to remove any grease or grime (dirt can prevent wallpaper from sticking to the wall and it can lead to a bumpy look and feel)
  • Leave to dry overnight before hanging wallpaper


Wide Width Wallpaper Hanging Instructions

Click below to watch our handy wallpaper guide video!



    Alternatively, download a copy of our How to Hang Wallpaper Guide below!


    How to Hang Wallpaper Guide



    How to Hang Wide Width Wallpaper

    1. Prepare the walls in the normal way - no need to cross line wall.
    2. Decide on the starting point in the room and draw a faint vertical guide line.


      Measure for Wallpaper


      3. Measure the length of the first drop adding sufficient excess to top and bottom to allow for the trimming.


      Measuring for Wallpaper


      4. Wallpaper has printed edge protectors to avoid damage. These are required to be removed with a pair of scissors along the dotted line as they are there to protect the paper. Do not worry about being too precise at the time as we have provided a 2cm overlap.


      Trimming Wallpaper


      5. Cut and number the drops required.


      Cutting Wallpaper


      6. Paste the wall on the area to be covered by the first drops.


      How to Paste Wallpaper


      7. To hang the first drop, press it on to the pasted wall along the top. Keeping the rest of the paper off the wall, align the edge of the paper to the vertical guide line. Once in position use a plastic spatula to smoot paper and remove air bubbles.


      How to Hang Wallpaper


      8. Trim top and bottom.


      How to Trim Wallpaper


      9. To hang the second drop, paste the required area and hang the drop overlapping the edge of the first drop and match the pattern exactly. Secure the rest of the paper as before.


      Hanging Wallpaper to Match


      10. Cut through the centre of the overlap and the underlap using a new and very sharp blade, with a precision metal edge as a guide.


      How to Hang Ultra Wide Wallpaper


      11. Pull away the strip underneath first then the second strip. Flap back the edges and re-paste. Press edges back into position to form a perfect join. Trim top and bottom.


      Hanging Wallpaper


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