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Wild, Wispy and Wonderful Winter Skies

Every morning, when we push back our curtains and look up at the sky, we are treated to an open-air art installation. The sky’s ever-changing mood can be dramatic and frightening, or peaceful and soothing; meanwhile, the clouds which dress it can be wispy and white, or dark and full. With a medley of colours, no two skies are the same, giving us something new to gaze at every day.
For artists, the sky has always been a source of inspiration yet also a challenge. How does one capture something that physically doesn’t stay still? How does one capture the changing nature and mood of the sky? One group of 19th-century artists, the Impressionists, were particularly keen on representing the sky in their works. The group was committed to capturing nature’s fleeting beauty and light through bold and visible brush strokes, making the sky the perfect muse –- not just a backdrop.
Claude Monet, Impression, 1872
Claude Monet, Impression, 1872
The Impressionist Monet was known for making his paint and brushstrokes express the drama of the sky. By using sharp strokes of contrasting tones, the artist captured the ever-changing skies, whether that be due to weather or light.
Our collection, Winter Skies, is inspired by the work of the Impressionists and their approach to depicting all that lies above. The Winter Skies collection contains some truly emotive and energetic pieces, from the blending of the paint to the rough and decisive brushstrokes.
The designs are abstract in nature, meaning the collection comprises some sophisticated and modern pieces. Our Monet Feather Cushion, for example, is a colourful example of how an old style can be repurposed to create a delightfully fresh and contemporary piece. We love the mélange of silvers, blues, pinks, purples.
The Winter Skies Collection
We have also created a really beautiful range of lampshades using our Winter Skies designs, which are a sure bet if you’re looking to bring a cosmopolitan air to a room. Our Monet Ironstone lampshade, which comes in various sizes, plays with a neutral palette of taupe and enjoys splashes of purple and blue.
 Wild, Wispy and Wonderful Winter Skies - Voyage Maison
With great artistic connotations and foundations firmly rooted in the natural world, Winter Skies is the perfect collection for anyone seeking to bring a little understated drama to their home interiors.
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