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Voyage x Darren Woodhead Interview Part 1

We are thrilled to be bringing you a new artistic collaboration - Voyage Maison x Darren Woodhead. Darren’s delicate and intriguing work depicts the pretty and peculiar characters found in our hedgerows, fields and riverbanks. A celebration of our wild and wonderful countryside, Darren’s work is a fantastic addition to the Voyage collection. We recently caught up with Darren to hear more about his artistic ethos and work.
Voyage x Darren Woodhead Collaboration
Who are you, and what do you?
I’m Darren Woodhead, I live in the East of Scotland, and I am an artist. I’ve been drawing and painting since I was a kid, but I’ve been doing it professionally for the last 35 years. I started off working as a cartoonist for a newspaper, and now, I’m working full-time as a freelance artist. My work focusses on the natural world, particularly birds and plant life.
How would you describe your style?
Thats a tricky question as my work and style are constantly evolving. As artists and creatives, I believe we should always be evolving, moving and changing. Generally, however, my works tend to be gestural and characterful. I also like to play with negative space, creating my subjects by painting what surrounds them.
Voyage x Darren Woodhead Collaboration
What is your process?
I work with watercolours on soft paper, and I have a palette of seven colours. I paint everything outside, allowing nature to manipulate and accentuate my materials. For example, in the middle of February, the paint freezes and creates ice rosettes while the paper expands and contracts. Whilst Im capturing nature in paint, nature captures my materials and leaves its mark.
A few years ago, I had the opportunity to paint in the Artic on the bird cliff island of Hornøya. The wind was howling, the snow was lashing, and I just kept painting. Seeing how the conditions affected the paint and the paper was fantastic.
Watch a behind the scenes clip of Darren's Arctic trip - Here.
Voyage x Darren Woodhead Collaboration
What inspires your work?
I’m hugely inspired and excited by the natural world. As a society, we have lost connection with nature and the seasons. I love painting outside during the year and witnessing the seasonal changes and bird migration patterns. It’s constantly changing, and I enjoy capturing that.
Artistically speaking, I’ve found the work of the Swedish artist, Bruno Andreas Liljefors, particularly inspiring. He was a hunter, so he truly understood the birds and animals. Whilst dark and a tad gloomy, I think his work is gorgeous and real.
To be continued... Stay tuned for the second instalment of our sit down interview with Darren Woodhead, where he talks us through some of his favourite designs from the collaboration.
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