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Voyage Maison x Marie Burke

Most love stories have a click moment. Maybe its love at first sight, as eyes lock across a room, or maybe its the sudden realisation that your true love has been right in front of you all along. However instantaneous or prolonged the realisation is, its certainly one of lifes joys to witness and be part of.
Well, friends, we have had a click moment, and its fair to say we have fallen hard.
A few months ago, Voyage had the fortune of discovering the artist, Marie Burke. A watercolourist based in Somerset, Marie is devoted to capturing nature in all its glory. With a common passion for flora and fauna, it quickly became evident that a similar desire drove our artistic urges.
Not only were we wowed by Maries majestic floral interpretations, but her intricate approach to botanical structure enthralled us. Remarkably, Maries floral studies were both analytical and dramatic, seeking spectacle in nature, not fantasy.
Marie Burke x Voyage
As well as form, the theatre of nature has also inspired Maries wildly seductive colour palette; her strong and bold colour choices profoundly impressing us. Just like nature itself, Maries work is unashamedly vibrant and lively.
Committed to pursuing and promoting artists, and to bringing our customers fresh and fantastic products, it seemed fairly clear to us that we needed to set up a collaboration. Wonderfully, Marie agreed and set about working with us to create this new range: Marie Burke x Voyage.
Marie Burke x Voyage
The new range is now available to buy on Voyage Maison. If your responses to the teasers are anything to go by, this collection is bound to set the heather alight. By working with Marie to create sensational new pieces of furniture and some splendid soft furnishings, we’re pleased to offer you a fresh and bold new collection of exquisite and artistic products.