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Introducing Painswick and Elmore

Whilst ‘Painswick and Elmore’ sounds charmingly like the title of a hit seventies cop show, featuring the heroic efforts of two moustachioed Casanovas, it is in fact the name of our new Fabric & Cushion collection.
With bands of colour vertically and horizontally interwoven, our Painswick pattern is a reimagined tartan. Coming in various colours, Painswick marries yellow with purple, olive with pink, and blue with orange.
Delicately woven, Elmore has a geometric and diagonal pattern. Reminiscent of a Turkish Kilim motif, Elmore has an oriental and period aesthetic. Like Painswick, Elmore comes in various colours, always incorporating white with two additional complementary tones.
Painswick and Elsmore Plaid Cushions and Throws
Perfect Partners
Whilst both fabrics stand beautifully alone, and are most certainly stars in their own right, there is just something magical about them when they come together.
Comforting Pastels
We love this gorgeous setting, which plays with an assortment of pink and blue hues; Elmore in Dawn and Dandelion, Painswick in Dawn and Blush. The pastel tones, and subtle patterns, blend so pleasingly.
Elmore Dandelion Yellow Plaid Cushion
Organically Eclectic
More eclectic in feel, this scene demonstrates how organically both fabrics can be incorporated into a much-loved room. With an array of colours, these Painswick and Elmore fabrics instantly make the room feel homely.
Rhubarb and Custard
One of our favourite combinations is Painswick Dandelion with Elmore Dandelion and Blush. The mix of colours within the Painswick fabric makes it easy to pick out accompanying fabrics. Pink and yellow always make a marvellous pairing, reminiscent of rhubarb and custard or spring flowers.
Utterly classic and understatedly charming, our Painswick and Elmore fabrics will stand beautifully on their own or make perfect partners to louder and bolder interior choices. We are so pleased to introduce you to these gorgeous fabrics, which have been made to last in style and quality.
Textured Chair