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How to Style Katsura

Katsura is remarkably versatile, a wise interior choice for creating a variety of themes. The range boasts the ability to transport us to Japan or Paris, giving our British homes an air of the exotic and tasteful. Today, we will look at three very different approaches to Katsura styling, all of which are easy to replicate in your own home.
How to Style Katsura
A Taste of Tokyo
Our gorgeous Katsura range can be used to create a subtle and sophisticated Japanese aesthetic. Sympathetic to the Sakura season, Japans idyllic cherry blossom extravaganza, Katsura champions organic hues - think dusty pinks, wispy greens, and plumby purples. To create your ode to Japan, use slim and dark wood furniture frames, scattered with plump pink Katsura cushions, reflecting dark tree trunks and blushing buds. Pot plants add to the oriental feel, an allusion to the art of growing Japanese Bonsai trees. Adding the Duchamp Antique Silver Mirror to this scene is a genius move, an ode to the Japanese waterways which artfully reflect the blossoms that hang above them. Without overdoing the theme, the Katsura range tempers a Japanese style for the British home.
Katsura Collection
Pretty Parisienne
Very chic and feminine in feel, this styling demonstrates how Katsura can be used to create the dreamiest of Parisienne interiors. With gentle greens and pleasing pinks, our stylists have created a blissfully sweet room. Our expressive green Katsura curtains have been placed alongside pink pastel wall panelling; the large berries and leaves are a perfect mimic of what lies in the garden beyond. The sofa is generously furnished with our green leaf Katsura and pink velvet cushions. The high ceilings, pink walls, and silver shimmer rug exemplify the grandeur and elegance of the space.
How to style Katsura Collection
Abstract meets Maximalist
This scene is explosively irresistible. While our last scene was traditional in feel, this scene demonstrates how Katsura can easily be paired with modern pieces. Our lovely Katsura wallpaper has been matched with one of our majestic oil paintings, a maximalist print partnered with a sophisticated abstract painting. Note how our stylists have seamlessly coupled Katsura pieces with geometric and light wooden furniture. We love the way the same Katsura design has been used in the rug, the cushions, and the wallpaper; altering the size of the print rather than style creates the illusion of plant-growth and movement.
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