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Fit for a Queen: Three Luxury Styling Tips

We are mere days from enjoying The Queens Platinum Jubilee, a historic and momentous occasion set to see the United Kingdom plunged into local and national celebrations. We are in a decadent mood with corgis, crowns and palaces on the brain. As such, we have put together three styling tips that we hope you can use in your homes to create a sense of luxury. Whether you live in a manor or a manse, a cottage or a castle, we can all indulge in treating our homes with the royal touch!
Wonderful Wallpaper
Floral Wallpaper
The wise usage of busy, ornate and artistic wallpaper is a quick way to make a room feel remarkably decadent. The designs and colours instantly convey a sense of whimsy and luxury. Top-notch hotels often use wonderful wallpapers, cleverly giving each room or suite its own distinct energy. To imbue sumptuousness, wallpaper the whole room (avoid a feature wall where possible) with a refined pattern, and pair it with your favourite antiques.
Splendid Fabrics
Decadence can also be found in the way we use fabrics. Less is certainly not more, the art being in the matching and layering of fabric. Whether it is curtains, cushions or throws, make sure each soft furnishing product screams comfort. Don’t worry about being overly matchy; there’s a sophisticated and quiet magnificence to having a collection of pieces that grows over time.
Chose Quality - Chose Voyage
Voyage Maison
When it comes to creating a sense of opulence, quality is key. Having a low calibre of products can quickly make a space feel cheap and less comfortable. We are so proud of the quality of our products at Voyage. From the finest of fabrics to the employment of excellent artisans, our products are made to last. Our commitment to affordable luxury sees us stuff our cushions with plush duck feathers, and use the finest silks, chenilles and linens. If you want a room that doesnt just look fantastic, but feels fantastic, always choose excellent products.
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