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8 Interior Colour Trends For 2023

A new year is well and truly upon us. January is often the catalyst for many of us to rethink, renew and refresh. Whilst many dread January, we yearn for the excitement and opportunity it brings. Maybe a major interior overhaul is needed in your home to help you feel fresh. Or it might be that a few choice items will do the job. Whatever the scale of your ‘New Year, New You’, we’ve got 8 gorgeous colour trends with accompanying product choices that will undoubtedly inspire and delight you.
1. Earth Tones
Oranges - Browns - Pinks - Greens
Inspired by the muddier side of nature, earth tones are perfect for creating neutral and ambient interiors. Rarely out of fashion, such tones consistently provide our homes with a sense of balance and a taste of the great outdoors.
Voyage Loves - Erskine Rust Cream Printed Cushion
Earth Tones
2. Blush & Blossom
Pinks - Purples - Cream
Delightfully sweet and charming, blush & blossom tones will bring joy to any room. Perfect as we head into spring, this palette is bright and bubbly.
Blush and Berry Tones
3.Cool & Calming Hues
White - Grey - Black
Our cool and calming palette is clean and fresh, making it the perfect choice for both winter and coastal schemes. Instantly create a sense of sophisticated elegance with vivid blues and demure greys.
Voyage Loves - Lachlan Azure Printed Cushion
Blue Highland Cow Cushion
4. Botanical
Green - Yellow - Cream
A botanical palette makes the most of nature’s plant life, with greens and yellows being the operative shades. Green has such a rich variety of tones that are ideal for interior styling in both city and country dwellings.
Green Botanical Home Interior Trends
5. Natural Shades
Cream - Brown
Typically comforting and relaxed, you can’t beat natural shades if you want to turn a room into a serene haven. Easily paired with other palettes, natural shades work well as a base for brighter and bolder items.
Voyage Loves - Winter Wilderness Sepia Quilt Sets
Natural Interior Design
6. Sun-Drenched
Yellow - Orange - Pink
This palette has the ability to make any space feel warm and cosy. Reflecting the sun and all its many expressions, our sun-drenched palette is filled with yellows, oranges and pinks. One can’t help but smile when confronted by this cheerful colour scheme.
Yellow Interior Trends
7. Monochrome
Grey - White - Black
Exquisitely chic, a monochrome palette screams sophistication. Unfussed about being fussy, this scheme is classic and unafraid to keep it simple. This is the perfect palette to use if you want to create an urban or modern feel.
Monochrome Home Design
8. Rich & Regal
Purple - Blue - Yellow - Red
Our rich and regal palette combines an attractive array of bold and beautiful colours. Without a pastel in sight, these tones are deep and polished. Look no further than this palette if you want to create an indulgent and cultured space.
Voyage Loves - Moray Hollyhock Black Jacquard Cushion
Regal Home Design
Explore the full collection and pick your palette for 2023 here.