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3 Style Tips to Create a Romantic Room

Styling a Romantic Room
Believe it or not, the romantic aesthetic can last a little longer than Valentine’s Day. If you are trying to create a cosy, loving or gentle atmosphere in your home, a romantic approach to interior design might just be what you’re seeking. Try these three styling tips to help you achieve a romantic sanctuary in your home.
Keep the colour palette muted and neutral. Much like a first date, anything too bold or brash is likely off-putting. Dusty pinks, brilliant whites, and dark smokey hues all emit an air of maturity, of softness. We love the way Katie at a @aflickofpaint has offset her dark blue sitting room with dashings of pale pink; the contrast of the colours keenly representing the old mantra, ‘opposites attract’. The room is neither too traditionally masculine nor feminine but perfectly balanced.
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Using traditional furniture styles with soft edges and ornate detailing can help if you are trying to create a romantic aesthetic. A wrought iron bed, a regency style sofa, or even a dramatic headboard, all transport us to times gone by - not to mention our favourite romance novels. If you wake up in a room with a Jane Austen air to it, you’re bound to feel slightly giddy at the thought of love in the air. We can’t guarantee a renewed love life, but you never know!
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Perhaps most crucial are the accessories we use. Lampshades dripping in tassels, vases filled with sumptuous feathers, or sweet arrangements of flowers will all go some way to introducing romance into a room. If you’re a little intimidated by such flourishes, there’s no easier place to start than accessorising with the right cushions. Using the palette we have discussed, choose soft fabrics like velvet, and opt, where possible for cushions with pompoms or a fringe.
Styling a Romantic Room
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