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Voyage Loves... Lighting

With it being the season of love, we couldn’t help but continue the theme. For the eagle-eyed amongst you, you may well have noticed a new section on our website called ‘Voyage Loves’. This handy new page has been created to highlight some of our favourite new pieces… well, we say favourite, but in reality, that would be like a parent choosing which child they love the most. Perhaps it would be better to describe it as a constantly evolving mood board of fantastic products. Amongst the star products this February are fabulous new lamps, featuring shades from our Voyage x Darren Woodhead collection. Four lamp base styles, four prints, all interchangeable. Discover more about Darren’s work here.
Explore our must have selection of Table Lamps, Lampshades & Floor Lamps, inspired by the season of love!
Voyage Loves 1.
Leven Table Lamp with Brushwood Blossom Shade
Leven Table Lamp with Brushwood Blossom Shade - 40cm
This fabulous mango wood base is sumptuously smooth and draws the eye up to our Brushwood Blossom shade. The shade acts as a canvas for Darren’s wonderful watercolour, depicting a family of birds huddled amongst the berries and branches. The spiky and dramatic branches beautifully contrast the sweet pink wash.
Voyage Loves 2.
Aratus Nut Tripod Floor Lamp with Hazeldene Auburn ShadeMade from solid oak, our Aratus Nut Tripod balances a modern and classic aesthetic. A super statement piece, this lamp is topped with the Hazeldene Auburn Shade. Darren paints two birds amongst the autumnal hawthorn branches, one on lookout, the other upside down and gorging on berries.
Voyage Loves 3.
Cerys Table Lamp with Lynhurst Acorn Shade
Cerys Table Lamp with Lynhurst Acorn Shade
This voluptuous lamp base is carved from mango wood and finished with a white wash. The cheerful shade features a flock of birds enjoying the golden green leaves of the tree and plump purple berries. Light breaks through the leaves, revealing the birds enjoying the sun.
Voyage Loves 4.
Aratus Nut Tripod Table Lamp with Hawthorne Olive Shade
This table tripod, a compact version of the Aratus Nut Tripod floor lamp, is ideal for small and refined spaces. Darren’s Hawthorn Olive shade depicts a sole robin with a resplendent red chest sitting amongst the yellowy orange hawthorn berries. The spiky and wild foliage is delicately depicted in greens, blues and purples.
Explore our entire luxury lighting collection here or why not browse our complete selection of Voyage Loves, to find the perfect interior must haves for this season!