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Heart of Glass
In time for the light and airy days of summer, we’ve added beautiful new pieces to our glassware range. Styling with glassware is an amazing way to brighten or renew a space. Being naturally reflective, glassware effectively makes a space feel sophisticated and textured. These coloured vases also play with the light, bringing new shades and tones to your room. We’ve picked five of our favourite vases to look closely at.
Blue Glass Vase
Hand blown by artisans, the Elbe Aqua vase has been exquisitely crafted. The vibrant blues and dashing swirls are reminiscent of the sea’s frenetic, wild beauty. Whilst perfect as a standalone piece, the Elbe Aqua would also suit being filled with pebbles, a large pillar candle, or flowers. We recommend filling this gorgeous vase with white peonies, white tulips, and yellow ranunculi.
Olive Green Vase
Like all of our glassware, each Tagus Olive is utterly unique, given their personal, handblown design. We love the deep olive of this glass, a distinctly warm and comforting colour. Marble-like in shape, the swirl cuts through the centre of the vase like a coiled green snake.
Tall Blue Glass Vases
Whilst similar in palette to Elba Aqua, our Tiber Steel is majestically tall in stature. The supermodel of the glassware world, Tiber Steel plays with its height in the most dramatic way. Considering its stature and colour, this vase would lend itself remarkably well to being filled with sunflowers or gladioli.
Purple Glass Vase
This piece of glassware toys with a rose palette, and sees a mélange of pinks undulating from the top of the vase to the bottom. Reminiscent of traditional boiled sweets like Strawberry Kisses, the swirl in our Volga Rose Quartz is delectably playful. The artisan has blown this vase into a pear shape, imbuing a sense of nature and strength.
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