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Wilderness Wallpaper

The Wilderness collection is a tribute to our rich heritage, encapsulating the essence of the great outdoors. With a harmonious color palette that mirrors the changing British Seasons, it celebrates the tonal shifts in the landscape throughout the year. The digitally printed designs showcase the beauty of inky watercolour blends and vibrant washes of color in multiple shades, showcasing Voyage's distinctive artistic flair. Bold linear compositions mirror the awe-inspiring surroundings, revealing the hidden wonders of this magnificent scenery. This collection of country inspired wallpapers are sure to captivate a range of interiors, especially those seeking a serene and naturalistic style.

Experience our extensive collection of wallpapers, featuring a wide range of shades and designs. From gentle and understated tones to striking and theatrical hues, each design is meticulously hand-painted by our skilled team of designers and printed on ultra-wide wallpaper. Our heavyweight and double-width designer wallpapers showcase a matte finish that beautifully showcases the original artwork's scale, color, and design. Transform your walls, with our designer wallpapers serving as the crowning glory of your interior design masterpiece.