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Additions Lighting

Introducing the vibrant world of Voyage Additions, a collection bursting with the beauty of colour. Explore the rainbow as you follow our adventure into the blended tonal colours in our patterns. Dream of blue, green, pink or purple? Allure yourself to create a harmonic space for your every colourful mood. Feel serenity with our sea blues or joy with our sunshine yellows. Dive deep into our Additions Lighting and introduce colour into your space.
Additions Lighting


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Additions by Voyage Maison

The vibrant Additions Lighting collection allows colour to take centre stage and is bursting with beauty. This captivating assortment invites shoppers on an adventure through a rainbow of hues, exploring the mesmerizing world of blended tonal colours in our exquisite patterns and plains. Whether you dream of tranquil blues, lively greens, lush berries, or calming neutrals, our collection beckons you to create a harmonious space that reflects your every colourful mood. With Additions Lighting, infuse your surroundings with the magic of colour and illuminate your space with a spectrum of emotions.

Discover the art of subtlety and style in our Additions Lighting range, featuring a captivating array of plains and minimalist prints carefully curated in a selection of trending colours. Embrace the charm of understated elegance as you browse through our modern yet timeless designs that effortlessly complement any décor. With our collection, you have the power to transform your space into a haven of contemporary sophistication, enriched by the warmth and allure of colour. Explore table lamps, floor lamps and lampshades when you dive deep into the world of Additions and infuse your home or workspace with the perfect blend of form and function, elevating your surroundings to new heights of visual delight.