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The Story Behind Our Bestselling Layla Cushion

Layla Cushion A Cultural Icon
Arguably Queen of insects, the Bumble Bee is a creature swarming with beauty, symbolism and power.
From the dawn of time, bees have been a symbol of industry, plenty, and wisdom - frequently appearing in art and fashion throughout the ages.
It’s easy to see why bees are so revered, especially when enjoying the fruit of their labours; few things are more delicious than lashings of honey smothered across a toasted crumpet or hot cross bun.
Layla Yellow Cushion with Bee
In recent times, our reverence has only grown as we understand the essential place bees take in maintaining our ecosystem. Busy bees worldwide labour hard to ensure pollination happens, without which our supper plates would be relatively empty.
All this is to say, we adore the majestic bumblebee, a creature not only beautiful but deeply diligent: cue Layla, our ode to our majestic, furry little friend.
Enchant your Sofa
The Layla cushion, iconically embellished with our beaded bee, is a velvet cushion that comes in three colours: gold, teal and black. With a broad oxford edge and embroidered details, this cushion is the epitome of sumptuousness.
Layla belongs to our Ikon range, a collection that focuses on traditional craftsmanship, while depicting fantastical creatures and plant life. Ikon invites you to step into a world that perfectly marries nature and magic.
So, to enchant your sofa or armchair with a glamorous statement piece, look no further than Layla.
Maximalist Yellow Cushion
Creative Craftsmanship
Our Layla cushion is a prime example of how seriously we take artisans and their skills. We were thrilled when the studio in India, who exquisitely produce these dazzling bees, sent us a production video.
Watch the first step of the Layla journey here.
The first step in the process sees the machine mark out the outline of the bee on the regal gold velvet in a light thread. Next, the machine focuses on the wings, embroidering the delicate translucency of the wings.
Watch how the talented artisans add the all important beadwork.
The artisan then begins the intricate task of adding the beads. First, the shiny spherical beads are added to outline the bee's body and add detail to the embroidered wings.
Watch how the final beads transform our intricate design.
Cylindrical beads are delicately added, marking the spiracles of the bee. These taller beads are added individually and create a striking sculptural effect. Finally, more glistening beads are added to fill in the body, arriving at an impressively stately result.