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The Colour of Love

What better hues are there to express your love than a red or pink? Red, traditionally the colour of love, expresses passion, life and desire. Pink, somewhat sweeter and more delicate, is the perfect colour to symbolise young love. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we have picked some products which embrace all things red and pink. Perfect gifts for loved ones or a great place to start if you are trying to breathe a little romance into your interiors.
Hermione Petal Quilt Set
Hermione Petal Floral Bedding Set
Some might consider it presumptuous, but we can’t help but think bedding makes a rather good Valentine’s Day present. Whilst red silk sheets may go down like a lead balloon, this pink and pretty bed set is more ‘love’ than ‘lust’. Busy bees dart around an assortment of fabulous flora, creating a fresh and cheery scene.
Cerys Table Lamp with Varys Russet Shade
Cerys Table Lamp with Varys Russet Shade
Much like vampires are supposedly allergic to the sun, Cupid is almost certainly allergic to bad lighting. For any romantic novices, we can’t recommend investing in decent lighting more highly! Nothing kills the mood more than a flickering bulb or industrial strip lighting. On the other end of the spectrum, however, is this gorgeous lamp and shade combination. The voluptuous mango wood base is partnered with our Varys Russet shade; the wild thistles entangled with berries and twine. The pink and red hues mingle perfectly and instantly imbue a sense of untamed passion.
Elysium Russet Linen Lined Throw
Elysium Russet Velvet Throw
A perfect partner to our Cerys lamp, this beautiful blanket is just what you need for snuggling up on the sofa this Valentine’s Day. The luxurious cinnamon-red velvet backing makes this throw particularly romantic.
Lapis Poppy Velvet Cushion
Lapis Poppy Velvet Cushion
The red rose of the cushion world, our Lapis Poppy Cushion ticks all the Valentine’s Day boxes. Filled with duck feathers and made with lavishly soft poppy-red velvet, this cushion is sumptuously comfy. We’re in no doubt that this cushion was made to be leaned on whilst you sip champagne and eat chocolate-covered strawberries.
Fall head over heels for colour this Valentines Day!