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Styling for the Summer: Sandy Toes - Sunkissed Nose

The 21st of June is the first official day of summer. Depending on where you are in the country (or the world), you may have already been enjoying some gorgeously long and balmy days. However, few things are more enjoyable on a hot day than piling a picnic, beach bats, towels and cossies into the car and making a determined dash to the beach.
Our island’s great variety of coastline is quite spectacular; from golden sandy dunes to hidden coves; from pebbles and piers to jagged cliffs. We truly are spoiled! Perhaps the season of sandcastles, sunbathing, and swimming has you yearning for a little piece of the beach at home. If that’s the case, look no further than our Riviera collection, Voyage’s ode to all things coastal. Here are some of our highlight products for this summer.
Summer Styling Tip 1.
Wallpaper: Rock Pool Cobalt Wide-Width
Rock Pool Cobalt Coastal Wallpaper
Our amazing new offering of wide-width wallpapers would not be complete without some of our fantastic Riviera designs. We think this Rock Pool Cobalt paper would be a splendid homage to the beach for any home. The scallop, scotch bonnet, razor and oyster shells (to name but a few) are delicately depicted in a soft watercolour and neutral palette.
Summer Styling Tip 2.
Fabric: Crustaceans Cobalt
Crustaceans Cobalt Coastal Fabric for Soft Furnishings
Summer just wouldn’t be complete without a fish supper or two. Spending the day dipping in and out of waves and completing it with a platter of fruits de mer seems somewhat full circle. We love how this Crustaceans Cobalt fabric has been used to create this bright and brilliant roman blind. The lobsters and crabs are eye-catching and beautifully illustrated in a vibrant blue with dashings of orange and pink.
Summer Styling Tip 3.
Cushion: Coral Reef Cobalt Arthouse Cushion - 35x25cm
Coral Reef Cobalt Arthouse Cushion - 35x25cm
Often referred to as the ‘rainforests of the sea’, coral reefs are extraordinarily important and wildly beautiful ocean habitats. Our artists have cleverly captured the coral in shades of blue, orange and purple watercolour, adding to the sense of deep sea beauty. Complete with a loop edged, multicolour trim, this cushion delicately reflects the array of colour found within the oceans ecosystem.