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Styling A Very Royal Thistle

Nature is a constant source of our inspiration, so we were thrilled to see the thistle used in the King’s Coronation emblem. As a tribute to the King’s love of the natural world, the emblem contains the rose of England, the thistle of Scotland, the daffodil of Wales and the shamrock of Northern Ireland. Whilst we love delightful daffodils, radiant roses and superb shamrocks, we were particularly excited to see the thistle.
Perhaps due to Voyage Maison's Scottish roots, the thistle has long been a favourite of our designers. Whilst most will undoubtedly be familiar with the Spear Thistle, the plant species actually comes in many different shapes and sizes. Our artists are endlessly stimulated and inspired by the wild, rugged, and colourful beauty of thistles. The statuesque plants crowned with vibrant flowers are renowned for being spiky, giving off a powerful ‘you can look but don’t touch’ vibe.
Today, we’ll focus on this Voyage motif and see how it’s used in some of our favourite thistle-themed products.
Nessy Small Damson Wide-Width - Wallpaper
Our Nessy Small Damson wallpaper features a regimental thistle design. The capitula (aka the flower head) has been delicately painted with fine purple and pink streaks. This ordered and refined patterned wallpaper has a sophisticated and classic aesthetic that would lend itself well to any country house or cottage.
The Playful Thistle - Varys Russet Linen Eva LampshadeVarys Russet Linen Eva Lampshade
Remarkably different in style to Nessy is our Varys design. Varys comes in oodles of colourways, including this fabulous Varys Russet, seen here on our Eva lampshade. Vibrant in colour, this watercolour design is playful, energetic, and elaborate. Amongst the berries and greenery, the thistle’s capitula cheerfully explodes.
The Soft Thistle - Moray Aqua White Jacquard Woven CushioMoray Aqua White Jacquard Woven cushion - 60x40cm
Our Moray design is part of the Ettrick fabric collection, which is an ode to Scotland featuring a beautiful assortment of thistle designs and interpretations. The woven jacquard fabric features a tight, simple pattern of serene blue thistles. Whilst thistles are notoriously spiky, this comforting cushion is inviting and homely. Through their fantastically creative designs our Voyage artists have made the untouchable, touchable!