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Live Fabric Love Voyage Campaign

For the love of art
Defining ‘art’ is a tricky business, but most would agree it encapsulates the pursuit of creative expression and discovery. Here at Voyage, we are completely besotted with and proud of our place within the artistic realm. We don’t just make products, we passionately and imaginatively create items that express our love of nature and pattern. With this in mind, we were so pleased to embark on our project with renowned-Scottish designer, Deryck Walker, a fellow creator and design enthusiast. Much like a refreshing holiday, this project has allowed us to step back to our roots and take delight in what we love most.
Collaboration and Creativity Unleashed
Partnering with Deryck was a really energising experience for the whole team here at Voyage. Whilst Deryck beavered away in his studio, our team of Voyage creatives came together to plan the shoot.
Lynne Combe from Voyage said: ‘We had a real mix of departments involved in this project, which was very special. After Deryck picked his fabrics, we all got to sit down to think about the set designs. It was so freeing for us all to play with our products, in a new light.’
When the Walls come to Life
There was a distinct air of excitement on the day of the shoot. Sets were installed, the make-up artist appeared, the models were gleaming, and Deryck arrived laden with his glorious garments. ‘It was hard to contain our excitement on the day of the shoot’, Lynne shared, ‘Half the studio had people painting, while the models and the make-up artist took up the other half. For our photographer, Phil, it was all quite surreal. After all, normally, the moving parts (sofas, chairs, curtains etc.) on set don’t have a pulse! Rather than just moving the furniture, he had to think about directing the models, considering their movement and their relationship to the space.’
Fantastically Fun
It was terribly important that the project was fun, both for the creators and for our audiences. Lynne said: ‘We really wanted to demonstrate our playful side, to exhibit our bold and bright style and to show the fresh and merry approach we take to design and interiors.’ Giving Deryck the freedom to play about with the fabrics and the designs, and pairing it with our creative and uninhabited set styling was invigorating.
A Fresh Eye
One of the greatest joys for the Voyage team was seeing the fresh perspective Deryck imparted on our fabrics. We see our creations day in, day out, and it’s easy to take them for granted. ‘Deryck saw things we couldn’t see, coming at our designs from a fashion and fabric standpoint,’ Lynne commented, ‘for example, he took our Cirsium Damson print, a design which has been around forever and is quintessentially classic Voyage, and gave it a completely new lease of life. It wonderfully demonstrated the longevity and flexibility of our designs.’
Keep an eye on our socials, @voyage_maison, to see our VM x Deryck Walker Collaboration come to life.