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How to Style for Winter with Anahita

Winter Styling with Anahita

As winter descends and those chilly nights set in, it's time to transform your home into a cosy sanctuary that welcomes you with warmth and elegance. In this guide to winter styling, we'll explore the art of creating inviting, snug interiors for the season. At the heart of this transformation lies our brand-new Anahita Collection, a range that encapsulates the essence of winter's comfort and beauty.

How to Style for Winter

Styling for winter involves creating a cosy and inviting interior that embraces the season's trends. You want to craft an interior that not only shields you from the cold but also wraps you in a comforting embrace of elegance. In this section, we embark on a journey through the intricacies of winter styling, exploring the magic of layering, the allure of darker colour palettes, the charm of soft lighting, and so much more.

Layering Throws and Cushions

Embrace Layering

Winter styling begins with the art of layering. It's not just about piling on blankets; it's about curating a tactile journey through elegance. Drape sumptuous throws over your furniture and mix in cushions with different fabrics, from silk and linen to wool and velvet, to infuse a sense of warmth and luxury. The interplay of these textures not only adds visual interest but also engages your sense of touch, making your living space a sensory delight.

Our Anahita Collection offers a symphony of comfort and beauty, with cushions and throws adorned with beautiful beads and intricate embroidery. These elements, far from mere embellishments, are integral to the dual purpose of enhancing both the comfort and aesthetics of your living space. It's not merely about decorating; it's about creating a tactile masterpiece that contributes to the overall finish of your home, making each corner a sanctuary of warmth and luxury.

Add Warmth with Curtains

Create Warmth

Beat the chill outside with an interior that exudes warmth. Rich textiles in warm tones are perfect for doing just that! Curtains are a great option if you’re looking to enhance warmth and comfort in your home during the winter, especially those with a thermal lining. These versatile window treatments act as a barrier, providing insulation that reduces heat loss and prevents cold draughts from infiltrating your space. In doing so, curtains become more than just window treatments; they are key players in your home's energy efficiency, effectively acting as a thermal shield to maintain a cosy indoor temperature.

In addition to insulation, curtains offer the invaluable benefits of privacy and security. They provide a shield against prying eyes, creating a sense of intimacy and sanctuary in your living space. This privacy not only ensures your comfort but also adds to the overall warmth and feeling of well-being. By blocking draughts and offering this layer of privacy, curtains, in essence, help you create a winter retreat where you can enjoy the season's charms in safety and comfort, all while making a positive impact on your energy consumption.

Enjoy the Comfort of Cushions

Encourage Comfort

Comfort is the essence of winter styling. As the chilly winds gust outside, your home should become a haven of warmth and relaxation. This is where the magic of our Anahita Collection truly shines. Among its treasures, the embellished and embroidered cushions are not just mere accessories; they represent a reimagined embodiment of comfort. The choice of duck feather filling ensures that when you sink into their plush embrace, you're enveloped in a cocoon of softness and luxury.

But the magic of Anahita goes beyond mere comfort; it's about crafting an experience that resonates with the soul of winter. The soft, luxurious fabrics used in the creation of these cushions elevate not only the tactile experience but also the visual appeal.

Embrace Dark Colour Palettes

Choose Darker Colour Palettes

Don't shy away from embracing dark colour palettes during winter. While the conventional wisdom may suggest that lighter colours open up small spaces, rich and deep hues have a mesmerising effect that can turn even the cosiest nook into a winter sanctuary. It's a design principle that defies the norms, and the new Anahita Collection expertly channels this bold approach. With a meticulous selection of colours, it conjures an ambience that resonates with regal sophistication. Enchanting mauves cast a subtle, dreamy spell, captivating teals evoke the mystery of deep waters, dark sapphires exude a sense of grandeur, and glistening highlights of gold add an opulent touch. These shades are the essence of winter's warm embrace, grounding your space and creating a cocooning atmosphere where you can truly unwind and savour the season's enchantment.

Ambient Lighting for Winter

Consider Lighting

In the realm of interior design, there's a captivating interplay between darkness and light, a contrast that finds its ideal stage during the winter months. With limited natural daylight and shorter days casting longer shadows, we often find ourselves embracing the beauty of extended evenings spent in the comfort of darkness. Rather than striving for a consistently bright interior, we instead like to emulate the natural lighting conditions of the world beyond our windows – a notion that might sound unconventional but is remarkably effective.

The strategy involves not relying on a single, central light source, but instead, introducing a constellation of smaller, scattered sources throughout the room. This approach works because it mimics the natural environment and the subdued ambience of the winter season. Lamps rise to the occasion during this time of year. These smaller light sources dispersed strategically, foster an intimate atmosphere. Lamps and lamp shades adorned with hand-painted designs from Anahita cast a spell of sophistication, bathing your surroundings in a warm, enchanting glow. The soft flicker of these lamps weave tales of opulence, creating a captivating ambience that contrasts beautifully with the long, dark nights of winter. For a subtle glow try switching to bulbs with a warmer colour temperature.

Styling for Winter with Foliage

Decorate with Natural Elements

When cold weather keeps you indoors, bring the outdoors in. Incorporate wood furniture and accents, as well as plants, to recreate the relaxing feeling of being in nature. Accessorise with materials like rattan, leather, aged metals, and linen fabrics for added layers of natural texture. To further enhance this natural journey, consider winter foliage like wreaths and garlands, or even dried flowers. These seasonal touches bring the beauty of the outdoors into your space, adorning it with a touch of festive charm. Whether it's the vibrant hues of holly or the delicate allure of mistletoe, these elements create an ambience that captures the heart of the winter season. The Anahita Collection also offers a range of products that seamlessly blend with this natural approach to styling.

Seasonal Patterns for Winter

Incorporate Seasonal Patterns

Embracing seasonal patterns like cosy checks, tartan, and herringbone can transform your home into a welcoming haven. However, the key here is moderation; a delicate balance is essential to achieve a harmonious, inviting atmosphere. These patterns are like a warm and familiar embrace. When used in the right amount, they offer a subtle nod to winter's timeless charm. For those seeking to make a bold statement, the Anahita Collection stands ready to meet your aspirations. It offers a captivating array of prints and patterns in regal winter tones that go beyond the traditional. These fantastical designs add a touch of whimsy and sophistication to your winter interiors. They serve as a canvas where your imagination can roam freely, infusing your space with a sense of magic and wonder.

These patterns don't merely serve as decorative elements; they introduce an extra layer of warmth and character to your winter haven. They breathe life into your space, infusing it with a captivating energy that is unique to the season.

Warm Winter Fires and Candles

Start a Fire

There's nothing cosier in winter than the soft, flickering glow of a fire. If you have a fireplace, make it the centrepiece of your living space. Make its warm glow the heart and soul of your living space, it’ll beckon you to huddle closer and immerse yourself in its comforting embrace. Rearrange your furniture to create a conversation area around the hearth and add extra seating for a warm and inviting atmosphere. A well-arranged seating arrangement around the fireplace not only maximises the warmth but also fosters a sense of togetherness, as winter often draws us closer.

In the absence of a fireplace, or to complement its charm, candles become your trusty allies. Candles work wonders for creating a cosy atmosphere, casting a soft, radiant glow that mirrors the hearth's warmth. Pair them with reflective mirrors and glassware to enhance their warm glow further. Consider grouping candles on your dining table, or any surface that craves a touch of enchantment. To amplify the wintery ambience, opt for candles with wood exteriors or dark metal votives. These details add a rustic and cosy touch, making the candlelight even more captivating and evocative of the season.

What Interior Styles are Trending this Winter?

As each year unfolds, interior design trends offer a captivating journey into fresh and innovative ways to breathe life into our living spaces. In the ever-evolving landscape of home aesthetics, two remarkable trends have taken centre stage, promising to infuse our homes with creativity and vibrancy.

Surrealist Interior Design


This year, interior design has witnessed a fascinating embrace of surrealism. It's a trend that invites us to escape the everyday and embark on a journey to infuse magic and life into our homes. Surrealism manifests as a fantastical escape into the extraordinary, where imagination knows no bounds.

In a surrealist space, you might find statement furniture, whimsical art that challenges perception, and colours that transport you to otherworldly realms. It's about breaking free from the constraints of reality and creating an environment that sparks curiosity and wonder. Our Anahita Collection does just that! Each cushion, lamp, and throw transcends the ordinary and becomes an enchanting work of art.

Maximalist Bold Interior

Maximalist Prints with Bursts of Colour

Amidst the trends of this year, one standout theme is the exuberant embrace of print clash and a burst of joyous, maximalist colour. This style doesn't merely invite colour into your home; it celebrates it with a vibrant, energetic exuberance. The mantra is "more is more," and it encourages us to layer patterns, colours, and textures in bold and unexpected combinations.

The Anahita Collection seamlessly integrates the exuberance of print clashing, offering a harmonious blend of vibrant patterns and textures that bring a burst of joyous colour to your interior design. Think of bold florals clashing with animal prints and geometrics. We use a variety of vibrant, jewel-toned colours to create a feast for the eyes. The result is an interior that reflects a vivacious and playful spirit, where the joy of self-expression takes centre stage. Maximalist design transcends minimalism, and instead of restraint, it celebrates the unabashed richness of life, offering a delightful escape into a world where colour knows no bounds, and creativity reigns supreme.

What Colours are Trending this Winter?
Blue Interior for Winter Trending Colour for Winter

This winter, while earth and jewel tones continue to be incredibly popular choices for adding warmth and opulence to our living spaces, blue stands out as a key trend in winter interior design. Deep sapphire and teals take centre stage, evoking a sense of sophistication and tranquillity. These shades, reminiscent of deep waters and night skies, infuse a space with a serene ambience, making it an inviting haven during the colder months. The Anahita Collection gracefully embraces this winter colour trend, offering a palette of enchanting teals and dark sapphires that seamlessly blend with the season's essence, creating a regal and cosy atmosphere that resonates with the heart of winter.

To achieve the perfect winter finish, consider pairing the deep blues of the season with creamy hues and rich, textured fabrics like a boucle. This combination creates a captivating contrast that evokes a sense of timeless elegance. Creamy tones act as a soothing backdrop, balancing the intensity of deep blues and infusing the space with a serene and cosy atmosphere. Together, this harmonious blend of colours and textures creates a winter finish that is both inviting and sophisticated, where the deep blues reflect the season's richness, and creamy neutrals provide a soothing backdrop, all while the tactile quality of boucle adds a layer of indulgent comfort to your living space. 

Winter styling is all about creating a space that's not just visually appealing but also incredibly inviting. Our Anahita Collection complements this theme perfectly, offering a range of products that enhance comfort, beauty, and warmth. As you embark on your journey to craft a cosy interior for the winter, remember that it's the finer details, the layers, the textures, and the elegant touches that make your home truly special. So, embrace the season, explore the allure of dark colour palettes, and let Anahita be your guide to creating a winter wonderland right in your own home. Stay warm, stay stylish, and enjoy the beauty of winter indoors.