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Get Cosy With The Paddington Collection

Our new Paddington collection is a masterstroke in making interior furnishings simultaneously homey and sophisticated. Whilst these two styles are not always easy to marry, our fantastic designers have created a beautiful range of products that embody both elegance and comfort.
Coming in six pastels (blush, silver, slate, acorn, linen and cream), our Paddington products have been made using a faux sheepskin fabric. These gorgeous items are supremely soft and gentle to touch and will bring a sense of relaxation to any room. Treat yourself to our Paddington collection this winter to ensure long evenings in front of the fire are as cosy as possible. Here are some of our favourite pieces from this new range.
Paddington Cream Faux Sheepskin Floor Cushion
Paddington Faux Sheep Skin Floor Cushion
This fabulous floor cushion looks like a splattering of fresh and fluffy snow has hit the floor. Notably soft, this faux sheepskin floor cushion is perfect for snuggling into. Finished with a genuine leather handle, this item is adaptable and easy to move about the house to optimise relaxing in any room.
Monty Stool in Paddington Linen
Paddington Faux Sheep Skin Footstool
Our Monty Stool is a multi-purpose footstool that can be used to perch on, to stretch your legs out on to, or as an additional side table. We love seeing our Paddington fabric in Linen, the warm hue perfectly complemented by the sleek wooden legs.
Paddington Slate Faux Sheepskin Table Stool
Paddington Faux Sheep Skin Table Stool
As versatile as our Monty Stools, these wonderful ottomans can be used as a seat or a coffee table. This table stool in our Slate Paddington fabric looks exceptionally sophisticated and would suit a contemporary aesthetic.
Paddington Blush Faux Sheepskin Cushion
Paddington Faux Sheep Skin Cushion
We absolutely adore our Paddington fabric in Blush, and this cushion shows it off splendidly. Filled with a plush inner fibre, these cushions feel as comfortable as they look.
Paddington Linen Faux Sheepskin Draught Excluder
Paddington Faux Sheep Skin Draught Excluder
Measuring just under a metre in width, these dreamy draught excluders are designed to keep you and yours as warm as you can be this winter. Just like rams and ewes are kept warm with their sheepskin, our fabric mimics this fantastic natural technology.