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Creating a Perfect Valentine’s Day With Voyage

Creating a Perfect Valentines Day
As with all holidays, Saint Valentines Day has taken on some rather gauche connotations over the years. Whether its diamond encrusted roses, love heart toilet roll, or cupid memorabilia, setting the right tone on the most romantic day of the year gets harder as the years pass by.
For those of us who are aesthetically driven, weve no desire to cease in our pursuit of fine taste. We would rather our romantic celebrations reflect our style; we would rather our gifts suit our homes.
We hope this weeks blog inspires you to make your Valentines Day more you this year, or even act as a helpful guide for your loved one - who doesnt love a helpful hint?
We are sure it hasnt escaped your notice, but we love flowers here at Voyage. From Florabunda to Country Blooms, our collections are bursting at the seams with the seasonal jewels of nature. Inherently, blooms and buds radiate romance. In the coming weeks, we recommend a trip to your local florist, to either treat yourself or a loved one to some seasonal posies. We love to arrange hyacinths, tulips, and snapdragons at this time of year, especially in our gorgeously sophisticated hand-blown vases - undoubtedly the perfect pressie to go with a bouquet.
Voyage Glassware
Intimate Suppers
Whilst it’s lovely to dine out, it’s not always easy securing a table (or babysitter!) on February 14th. Sometimes, the act of cooking for your love, whatever your proficiency, is more meaningful than simply paying the check. Do make sure, though, if you stay at home, your supper isn’t just like every other night. Put the screens away and, if you have them, tuck the children into bed early. Work on the lighting too - plenty of candles and dimly lit lamps (check out our gorgeous lighting range here) are advisable if you want to create that dreamy vibe.
Luxury Lighting
Snuggling Down
After gifts have been exchanged and oysters downed, it’s time to relax. As you move to the sofa, crack open a large box of truffles, pour some brandy, and let the romcom of your choice enchant and delight you. Ensure a throw is on hand to keep you toasty; there’s nothing less romantic than cold feet or thermal long johns (well, each to their own!)
Luxury Throws
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