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Autumn Colour Palette : Top 3 Colours to Style

What colouring pencils would you pick out of the box if you were being asked to draw an autumn scene? You likely picked at least one of these colours, yellow, orange, red, purple or brown, if not all of them. After all, these colours best capture the crescendo of the autumn; the colours that capture the overwhelmingly beautiful leaves which bedeck the deciduous trees, plants and shrubs. Today, we are focussing on three of our favourite autumn colours to style with: yellow, orange and purple.
Autumn Colour 1 Yellow: Cheerful - Warm - Light
If the journey between ‘green’ and ‘orange’ required a layover, there’s only one place you would stop - ‘yellow’. Whilst being a colour that represents the light and bright days of spring and summer, yellow can also be a very apt choice for autumnal styling. Ideally paired with darker hues, yellow is the happiest of all autumn tones.
Voyage Match: Painswick Dandelion Cushion paired with Elysium Gold Throw
Painswick Dandelion Tartan Cushion
Autumn Colour 2 Orange: Spontaneity - Optimism - Uplifting
Orange is no ordinary colour. Not only do you register it visually, but you also smell and taste it. In this sense, very few colours are quite as powerful. During the summer, you cant help but see orange and associate it with citrus. Whereas, in the autumn months, the colour orange immediately conjures the scent and taste of pumpkins, gourds and squash. Crispy orange leaves also fill our parks, gardens and hedgerows, complimenting those which are yellow and brown. Arguably, using the colour orange in your interior styling is the quickest way to indicate that autumn is here.
Voyage Match: Sicily Lapis Velvet Chair in Spice paired with Darren Woodhead Mayweed Heather Cushion
Darren Woodhead Mayweed Heather
Autumn Colour 3 Purple: Luxury - Wisdom - Inspirational
Perhaps the least obvious in our autumn palette, purple is a majestic colour subtly seen throughout nature during the autumn season. Whether its found in the heather on the moor in September or in the glorious shades of the autumnal Acer tree, purple is a fantastically rich, satisfying, and warm colour. Styling with purple tends to be relatively easy as it comes in so many sumptuous shades and pairs so easily with other colours - think purple + yellow - pink - blue - green.
Elysium Violet Thistle Cushion
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