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6 Reasons Why We Love Floor Cushions

Our fantastically fringed floor cushions are a new offering exclusively for our website shoppers. Featuring colourful fringing, these oversized cushions manage to be both playful and sophisticated. Here are our top six reasons why we think floor cushions are a must-have interior product for your home.
One: Transportable
Most seating isn’t that flexible. Sofas, love seats and armchairs aren’t really designed to be dragged across the house at a moment’s notice. Our floor cushions, however, excel in this respect. On a whim, one can create a cosy corner ready for curling up in in any location.
Luxury Floor Cushions
Two: Practical
Not only transportable, floor cushions are seriously practical. More guests than space on the sofa? Never fear, simply scatter a couple of floor cushions on the floor and create extra seating. We wouldn’t be surprised if your guests end up bickering over who gets to recline on the floor; especially if you’ve given them a rather large supper!
Three: Comfy
Luxuriously stuffed, our floor cushions are irresistibly comfy; sitting on the floor is transformed from painful to pleasurable.
Four: Little Ones
Ideal for a playroom or your child’s bedroom, these new floor cushions will give you and your little ones a perfect space to sit, read and play on the floor. When it comes to bed time, you can snuggle up comfortably together and pore over their favourite books - an ideal compromise if you can’t quite persuade them to get in to bed yet.
Cushions for Pets
Five: Four Legged Friends
Rather than have a cumbersome dog bed in your living space, a floor cushion is perfect for the pampered pet. Not only will your pooch or pussycat have a pretty place to perch, they’re more likely to stay off the sofas!
Six: Garden
Our gorgeous new floor cushions are the perfect accompaniment to the picnic rug this summer. Scatter a few atop your blanket and your sunbathing is guaranteed to be more comfortable and leisurely. If you decide to leave the confines of your garden, these fantastic floor cushions will fit neatly in the car, ready to bring the luxury with you!
Floor Cushions
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